Dear Central AC, We’re coming for you.

This Sunday marked the beginning of cross country season, and mighty green ranks formed to take on the east district relay championships in Peebles.


Numbers pinned, things kicked off with the ladies’ race. The A team was led out with Steph reminding us how ridiculously quickly she runs by running ridiculously quickly. The field had fallen back by the first hill, and were nowhere to be seen after the punishing 4km were up.  Her 14.32 was the third fastest time of the day! Beth was in her natural habitat on the hills and blitzed the course, before Franko dug deep to finish strongly, bringing the ladies home in an impressive fifth place. There were great runs too from the rest of the Harie women. Sophie, Millie and Iona took the ladies’ B team to 13th. Jess, Holly and Zoe took 22nd,  where they were swiftly followed by Eve, Sarah and Christine in 24th.  Rachel was a one women army and showed unreal metal to push through the second hill. Running hurts sometimes and she could have stopped. But she absolutely would not and did not. Stunning performances all round, ladies! You should be very proud.




With all that excitement over, it was time to see what our men could do. And they did not disappoint, playing out that rare historical narrative of educated white male domination. Scotty went out hot for the A team. Following a scorching time at the half marathon last week, not only was he carrying some fatigue but the weight of a massive, outwardly obnoxious ego. Evidenced here:




Rightly earned to be fair, he ran a great leg to hold sixth. Lawler looks much better in green, and did what he does best: smashing hills and charging us into third spot. As leg three got underway,  there were angry murmurs from the Aberdeen camp as they accused us of  fielding a gazelle, ineligible under Scottish Athletics rules and regulations (item 1.3J). An easy mistake to make as Calum (Kiprop) Murray opened up a massive lead over fourth. With Central splitting their teams, catching second was just out of reach for debutant Euan. Nonetheless he finished off in style, grabbing the 10th quickest time of the day. Bronze will do very nicely indeed.  Ewan flew off the start for the B team, proving that doubling up on sessions is the way forward. Ben, Tom and Grant were making their Harie debuts, showing no fear, but maybe the signs of lactic buildup, as they battled hard to bring the day’s racing to a close. Matty made up a lonely C team and, as always, was pretty happy but felt he could have done better. Full results available here:




Congrats to everyone who made it round! To those wearing our illustrious green for the first time, hopefully it will be one of many.  And those beginning their running careers, you may have just adopted a somewhat painful but incredibly rewarding lifestyle. It’s not at all that obvious what makes running a mazy lap up hills and round fields so popular, but it probably has something to do with the immense satisfaction of crossing the line on exhausted legs which wanted you to give up ages ago.  And if you don’t want to get all philosophical, food never tastes better than after running hard.


Until the next one xoxo