Cumbernauld 4k Relays

Saturday 26 October, a pack of dedicated Edinburgh athletes put down their essay work and trekked over to the fair concrete plains and rusty-steel peaks of Cumbernauld. But they weren't there for the scenic industrial vistas. They were there to run.

Stirling East Districts

Saturday saw the Hare and Hounds returning up to the fair plains of Stirling, under less than fair weather conditions. This time, they faced a heftier course challenge: 9 kilometers for the men consisting of 3 loops and 6 kilometers for the women consisting of 2. The loop itself rose and fell in gradual turns, barring one steep ascent under the looming presence of the Wallace Monument, but its real defining feature was the mud. Navigating the twists and elevation changes while battling the elements both in the air and below their feet, the racers had more than a little on their plate.

Stirling Fresher's XC

For the first challenge of the year on Scottish terrain, Haries stormed the Stirling Fresher's XC to prove their mettle, and prove it we did. Though the 3-kilometre course may not quite merit itself as a "challenge", the lighthearted race was nonetheless a key barometer for the potential of our fresher talent. They didn't disappoint.


Fresher? Then you've come to the right place!

We are the finest club you'll come across as a university student.

Running, nights out and top class banter is guaranteed here at the hare and hounds!

Everyones welcome, even if you've been at uni for a few years already and are looking for an unlimited supply of running and banter. Running ability doesn't matter, we have members who just come along for the socials!

And we've got a lot on this week for you all to get involved in (that includes the oldies too!)

So here's the plan

Harie Handicaps #3 and the overall results!

Results from the third and final handicaps here, well done to Becca and Ben for taking the wins this week.

Dumyat Hill Race- the Haries boss the SSS Hill Championships!

Even though this race takes place during exams, there are always a few Haries up for the challenge of running the Dumyat hill race in search of Scots Unis glory. This year was no exception, with 2 lasses and 4 lads raking in the medals!

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