Harie Handicaps #3 and the overall results!

Results from the third and final handicaps here, well done to Becca and Ben for taking the wins this week.

Dumyat Hill Race- the Haries boss the SSS Hill Championships!

Even though this race takes place during exams, there are always a few Haries up for the challenge of running the Dumyat hill race in search of Scots Unis glory. This year was no exception, with 2 lasses and 4 lads raking in the medals!

Harie Handicaps #2

Results for the second handicaps here- well done to this week's winners Rozy and Tom!

Harie Handicaps #1

Once again the first handicap of the year was sunny, with a great turnout from those escaping the library for some chat and fresh air. Once the lads had done some suitable puppy-dog eyes about the 'difficulty' of their handicaps, the race got underway. Patryk, obviously still not tired from his epic marathon feat did a particularly speedy lap, however Callum Mason managed to hold on to the lead to take the men's title. Georgia won the ladies race, again by a tiny margin after a tense sprint finish!

Haries AGM- we have a new committee for 2013/14!

This year's Annual General Meeting was held in the Kilderkin on the Royal Mile, starting off with the captain's, treasurer's and secretaries reports.The following Haries were elected to take charge of the club next year:

Men's Captain: Ben Stevenson
Ladies Captain: Rebecca Croney
Secretary: Neil Colquhoun
Treasurer: Huw Vaughan-Jackson
Social Secretary: Scott Stirling
Race Organiser: Heather Langham
Publicity and Alumni: Ethan DeWitt
Kit Secretary: Jack Luscombe
Jogging Secretary: Sarah Henderson

Isle of Man 2013 - Holy Sh*t Balls

So far you've heard the captain's and the social secs take on the weekend, and you'll no doubt hear all the gossip elsewhere.

But if that isn't enough then heres my round-up of the weekend.

I'll start off with the racing.

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