The Haries produce a fine range of kit for our members, made to order, for very reasonable prices.

Kit, including hoodies, tracksuit bottoms and vests are now available to order. To get your hands on some fine threads for the winter months, print and complete our order form and send it to our kit secretary by the 5th of October 2013.


We ask club members to race wearing a green and white club vest. Our kit secretary will bring a supply of vests to major events, but we strongly recommend that you buy your own, for just £15.00. This ensures that you have a vest that fits, is not damp with someone else's sweat, and that you will not have to take off before you've got your breath back to pass to the next runner.


Even at Uni, you will sometimes have to wear a tie (yes, ladies too, there's always the skool disco!). We regret that it's really time to do away with the old school tie, or any others you might possess, because we have something MUCH BETTER: incredibly swish Club Ties with the original H&H logo are still up for grabs. To see how good they look or to order one, send the Kit secretary an email.
We dress up for some of our best socials, so you're guaranteed chances to show off to the rest of us!


They produce a range of club branded training and leisurewear for us, including tracksuits, hoodies and running shorts. All their items can be ordered through our Kit Secretary. Order forms are now available; you can check the sizes for hoodies, trackies and shorts on this link!

I <3 Haries


For the bants we have I <3 Haries t-shirts show your harie devotion everywhere but perhaps in a classier way than Neil displays above.

Anything Else?

If you need shoes or other running kit, we recommend you take a wander (or a bus) down to our race sponsor, Run and Become, on Queensferry Street, near the West end of Princes Street. They've got a cracking selection and will help you choose what you want or need. Your EUH&H membership will also get you a discount!