Safety Policy

In Cross Country, Hill running and Athletics there exists a responsibility both for awareness of the need for safety precautions by participants and spectators alike.

The provision of medical aid during competition is the responsibility of the host team/venue. However, all students are reminded that it is essential that officials are obeyed at all times.

The training sessions run by the Club are directed by qualified coaches. However, students should be aware of the following basic points which if followed will significantly reduce the risk of injury :

  • A proper warm-up and warm-down should be done before and after any training session or race.
  • Stretching and wearing warm clothing in cold weather is essential to avoid pulling muscles and thus sustaining injury.
  • Eat at least two hours before exercising.
  • Ensure that you wear the correct footwear that gives adequate support and comfort!
  • For serious competitors returning to training after a break, always start slowly and increase your mileage slowly; it is recommended that you do not increase your previous week's mileage by more than 10%.