Fresher’s Rep

Arianne Holland

The Freshers’ Rep is chosen by the committee to represent the interests of first year Haries. So if you are a fresher and have any worries, queries, then get in touch and I’ll help you out!

Also known as Arry or Ari – but mostly just Arianne
Course 1st year Veterinary Medicine
Where you like to call home Crossford in Fife
Personal Harie highlight so far Hard to decide between running my first cross country race at Stirling at the start of the year, my first hill race at Devil’s Burdens Relays, or being part of the winning boat race team at the 2017 Braids social.
Claim to fame My mum works with Laura Muir’s mum.
Movie title that best describes your life Mission: Impossible
What do you always stock in your fridge/cupboard? Oats, peanut butter, carrots and broccoli
If you were stranded on the Isle of Man and could only have 3 things, what would they be? A dog, running shoes and friends to run with
Bonus interesting fact? My middle names are Danielle (which is normal) and Power (my mum and dad thought they would be funny)