Jogging Sec

Eilidh MacQuarrie

I plan the routes for the jogging group – the slowest pace of the Haries! Since most new runners will start off in the jogging group, I’ll be available to answer questions about starting running or can refer you to someone with better advice. I’ll also try to make joining the Haries less intimidating. Also, the jogging group loves a gossip✌️

Also known as E / Eyelid (but don’t encourage that pls)
Course (5th year) Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Legal Practice
Where you like to call home A wee village called Dunlop outside Killie
Personal Harie highlight so far Being chosen to be on the IOM boat racing team twice, but being too drunk at 7pm both years to participate #typical #rollon2018. Also making the inaugural Harie Podcast during IOM2k17 pub crawl, featuring Cameron’s hesitant attempts to commentate on naked mile – perf hangover cure for the next day
Claim to fame My bf is apparently sponsored by Salmons and ran for GB at some point before I blessed his existence.
Movie title that best describes your life ‘Clueless’ (1995) / ‘The Graduate’ (1967) / ‘I am Legend’ (2007)
What do you always stock in your fridge/cupboard? White wine, and ice cream…
If you were stranded on the Isle of Man and could only have 3 things, what would they be? Totton’s CK £20 sunglasses, my iPhone 7 because it’s waterproof for those in the sea selfies and for my family WhatsApp chat, and an alarm clock.
Bonus interesting fact? I have travelled over the Forth Rail Bridge by train, abseiled off it, and sailed under it (on the LawSoc Party Boat)
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