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Gregor Malcolm

I’ll be to blame if you enjoy yourself (too much)

Also known as Fresher than Fresh Gregor / 10 Cheeseburger Greg
Course 2nd year Astrophysics
Where you like to call home Kinross – Which isn’t in Fife!
Personal Harie highlight so far IOM 2K17, being kicked out of Movement with Lawler at Braids, and defeating Jimmy Dunn at FIFA (he’d probably tell you otherwise)
Claim to fame Scottish Triathlon Champion when I was 8 years old!
Movie title that best describes your life Mean Girls / Local Hero
What do you always stock in your fridge/cupboard? Spinach
If you were stranded on the Isle of Man and could only have 3 things, what would they be? Thomas Otton, Vaseline/Nipple Tape (can’t be chaffing now…), and a helmet (to protect my head from projectile beer glasses)
Bonus interesting fact? I own a sheep called Rhona
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