Webmaster & Kit Secretary

Jacob Adkin

Also known as Pablo / Pabz / Pablo Escobar / That Salmon Guy
Course 4th year Mechanical Engineering
Where you like to call home Peeballz4Pleasure
Personal Harie highlight so far So many, but most recently BUCS XC 2017 with the ‘5am crew’, and my IOM debut – I signed up last minute with reservations but it turns out it really is a magical place.
Claim to fame I tried running with Kilian Jornet once
Movie title that best describes your life
What do you always stock in your fridge/cupboard? Coffee and cheese
If you were stranded on the Isle of Man and could only have 3 things, what would they be? A pair of running shoes, Marks & Sparks loyalty card, peter pan costume
Bonus interesting fact? I climb through dishwashers
Your email? euhhwebmaster@gmail.com