Webmaster & Kit Secretary

Emily Payne

(The chick in the wig)

Also known as  No nicknames but sometimes people cheer “Bring the Pain”
Course  Chemistry – 5th Year
Where you like to call home Comrie, a beautiful little village in Perthshire
Personal Harie highlight so far When hairie hol was in Comrie and I got to run around my favorite places with my hairie mates!

Also, just the absolutely loving, welcoming and judgement free vibes of the club and the super support of the ever fabulous jogging group.

Claim to fame  Green-themed race-wear/ costumes (see above)
Go-to potluck dish Either a loaf cake or some home made Guac and store bought crisps
Hype song I Did Something Bad- Taylor Swift
Bonus interesting fact  I was jogging sec for the club in my third year
Email  euhhwebmaster@gmail.com