Paying the Club

If you owe the club money for part-subsidised trips, kit etc. then please clear your debts in one of the following ways:

Cash: Pay in Cash to Arianne, our Treasurer, at the pub or training. Be prepared to hold on to your money until the conclusion of the session.

Cheque: Write a Cheque payable to ‘Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds’ and either:

  • Send to ‘EUHH, EUSU, 48 Pleasance, Edinburgh, EH8 9TJ’.
  • Hand to Arianne at the pub or training.

Please detail on the reverse, a breakdown of all the debts cleared.

Online Banking: This is the preferred method, but make sure you let the Treasurer know you’ve paid this way.

Account Name: Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds Club
Account Number: 00341086
Sort Code: 80-02-24

Please also include your name as the Payee Reference so Arianne can determine, beyond doubt, who has paid their monies. For example – Payee Reference: Arthur Alligator.