Over the Hill

The Clash of Clubs: Haries vs. HBT!

A hugely successful annual alumni race organised between the Haries and alumni club HBT (Hunters Bog Trotters), it’s an opportunity to run your hardest and honour your club’s glorious vest, be it green or brown! Get ready to rise up and fight to stake out your claim as the best running club in the city, and by extension, the country.

How it works
The 2019 edition of the race will take place on Sunday 10th February. It is a friendly match between the Haries and the Trotters (although non-HBT alumni are also warmly welcomed and invited to compete! ). A 2-leg relay race around and up Arthur’s seat, this race tests the clubs’ road and hill running abilities:

  • The first leg follows the road round Arthur’s seat (Queen’s Drive) and is approximately 5km long
  • The second leg involves a race to the top of Arthur’s seat, along to the Lion’s Haunch and then back down to the finish! There’s no set route for this leg, however runners need to pass the marshal at the top of the hill and at the Lion’s Haunch – basically find the quickest route!

Team’s can consist of 2 men, 2 women or a mixed pair. The overall title is decided by the placings of each club’s first men’s, women’s and mixed team home. Fancy dress is strongly encouraged, as there will also be prizes for the fastest teams and individual legs, as well as the best costumes!

Registration will be at the start/finish area, in Holyrood Park at the base of the “Haggis” (If in doubt look for the great green behemoth of warmth and comfort that is the Haries tent). Registration will be on the day (no cost to enter!) from 11:00 am with the race starting at 11:30. The Facebook for the race can be found here.

Here’s a map to help you out:

Post-Race Social

We’ll be heading to the Kilderkin, a fantastic pub on the lower part of High Street, after the race to get food and drinks, roughly for 1:00pm. Come along even if you are not able to attend the race!

Here’s another map:

For more information about the day, don’t hesitate to contact our Captains or our Alumni Officer.

Haries and Trotters, prepare yourselves for an afternoon of good competition and even better chat. As Christopher McDougall put it so eloquently, “The reason we race isn’t so much to beat each other, but to be with each other.”

Don’t miss out. Join us, and let’s take that hill.

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