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Hills, Wheels, and 5k Thrills

This week had lots of racing action so I thought I’d write a quick report highlighting the amazing achievements of all our members.

First up, Dumyat Hill Race. This took place on the beautifully sunny evening of the 3rd of May, with barely a cloud in the sky and only a very light breeze – ideal conditions for what is many people’s favourite (or at least, only) hill race of the year. A minibus and a car’s worth of Haries attended this race, which also doubles as the Scottish Student Sport Hill Running Champs. So, with the promise of some good views and maybe even a few medals, we set off up the 390m hill at 7pm sharp (perhaps too sharply for Sasha Chepelin, who’s pre-race toilet trip was very close for comfort). Continue reading Hills, Wheels, and 5k Thrills

Hill Running EDex

Saturday the 18th of March saw 16 students head out to the Pentland Hills, just south of Edinburgh, for a hill running trip led by the Hare & Hounds Running Club. The vast majority had never been out to the this beautiful area of countryside before, nor even consider run ning up a 500m+ high hill! But, buoyed by promises of good views and a casual pace, we headed out in excitement. We split into two groups, both following roughly the same 10km route: the first, slightly faster one, was lead by Alex (Men’s Captain), and the second was lead by Emily (Jogging Secretary). In both cases, there was plenty of resting at the top of hills, giving everyone a chance to regroup.pentlands 1

We first ran along some quite boggy trails at the foot of Allermuir Hill, where we encountered a group of pony trekkers, and also some highland coos. We then headed up Capelaw, the first proper hill, and into the centre of the Pentlands. After a run along the ridge and up Castlelaw (in some pretty nasty sleet), we headed back to climb all the way up Allermuir. It was then a case of going along another undulating ridge over to Caerketton, before descending the final, very steep, section of the hill, running past Hillend ski centre, and back to the car park.

The weather was forecast to stay dry, but alas it did not; the gentle drizzle partially clouded what are usually some wonderful views of hills stretching out for miles, and eventually turned into a downpour by the end of the run. Despite this, a great time was had by all, and it was a excellent way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning. The home-baked brownies brought along by Australian exchange student Brendan no doubt helped too!
pentlands 2
Many thanks to the Sports Union’s EDex program for supporting the trip, and helping some newer runners experience a part of Edinburgh they wouldn’t otherwise usually visit! The Hare & Hounds Running Club is always open to people looking to take up running for the first time: our jogging group, lead by Emily Payne, goes out twice a week for easy runs around the city centre, and is open to anyone of any ability. You can find more information on our website here.

KB5 and Charity Ball Fundraising

We are very pleased to announce that the total amount we raised for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) this year was £1495.

We have supported CRY for several years now, always donating a share of the profits of our annual KB5 to this amazing charity. This year we decided to step our fundraising efforts up a notch by holding a spring ball for our members, past and present. It was a lovely evening enjoyed by all the 80+ Haries who attended. Many thanks to Braid Hills Hotel for hosting us, to Adrian Stott for providing such a good guest speech, and to all the local businesses who supplied raffle prizes!

Our juniors are better than your juniors

I’ve always tended towards the view that apostasy should go unpunished. Scott is forcing me into a rethink.

With 2015 coming to a close, there was time for one last outing: to Livingston and the East District Cross Country Championships. Between revision and exams and that, a pack of Haries made the trip west and into some poor at best weather. But we had spirit and a tent and the matter of deciding spike length to keep ourselves occupied, and soon things kicked off.


The junior ladies were first up with 5100m of undulation to deal with. Haries made up over a third of the u20s, so this one was always likely to be a bit like Gallipoli; only going to be one winner and everyone had damp feet. Steph led from the front and ran outstandingly to take yet another title in 17.44, just a shame she accidently put the wrong vest on that morning. Emily added to her medal tally with a fine run to bronze in 18.10, followed by Bronagh in fifth in 19.43. Franko, Jennifer, Fay and Eliza packed the field occupying 7, 8, 9 and 10 and Rachel finished off a great team performance in typically gutsy fashion. Gold will do very nicely. Excellent work, ladies!


Repeating things in the senior women’s 6400m was always going to be a challenge on account of Charlotte going solo. In a tough field, she put in a great shift to came through 23rd in a time of 25.33.

On to the men, and three u20s were given the task of doubling the gold tally. Happily they’re all fast. Euan’s early gap grew all the way to the line, covering the 8000m in a stunning 26.19. Lawler followed up in fourth in 27.40 and Sacha made a strong return from injury to ninth in 28.31. Another individual and team gold in the bag, and no runners to spare. Winning and winning efficiently. I saw Callum Symmons having a little cry in the treeline afterwards because he wasn’t wearing green.


Without juniors to call upon, injuries, and the fact that our exams actually matter, the senior men weren’t quite as thin as the ladies, but still thin. Scott didn’t help by choosing this weekend to have a fling with his old lover, Falkirk. So a depleted line up for the 9600m, but there was some good news. Unlike the Daily Mail, we don’t exercise disturbing contempt against newcomers to our community. Since Mike’s arrival to these northern shores, he’s brought top chat to training and top results to races, only advancing the argument that we should embrace the benefits brought by those seeking a better life among us. He ran a cracking race to eighth in 32.11, just edged out by morally-terrible Scott. Jimmy Dunn took 22, Sam Woods 30 and JT and his thuggish new look took 41. Further back, Matty was relieved not to get a response from Purkis as he retook with half a lap to go. Calum came home next before Lusko was able to sneak away from Bryson, as a fierce rivalry was rekindled in the wake of loads of injuries.


And with that, the Haries’ racing is over for 2015. I count that to be shouting ‘Harieeeees’ 24 times, 10 team titles to our name and a mantelpiece teeming with silverware on Dalkeith Road. Congratulations Haries on a fantastic semester of racing, and there’s plenty more to come. 2016 kicks off with an East League fixture in Broxburn. See you there!





Haway the Haries

I overheard some St Andrews boy, probably called Tarquin, saying he reckoned Edinburgh were vulnerable this year. Yeah mate, course, they said something similar about Stalingrad.

So Saturday was a big one, the historic Allan Scally race in Glasgow, doubling up as the Scottish University Road Relay Championships. Our first University Championships of the year, and not a title we’re going to give up lightly. Or at all.

The story begins on the M8, where Scott pushed the minibus to its limit (67mph), to overtake a convoy of Hearts fans. Not sure why this was so exciting, but it really was. We arrived safely, sorted teams, pinned numbers, I got quite badly lost on a warm-up jog. Did about 6km. And then we gave Glasgow’s pavements a trampling.


First leg were off with Scott leading the charge. I talk about him too much, so it’ll suffice to say neither ego nor bank balance had a bad day. Thank God for Tewoldeberhan Mengisteab and Tsegai Tewelde. JT made light work of the course because he’s a good runner and has nice hair. Sophie Horrocks, fresh off her Original Mountain Marathon adventure, smashed it. Third fastest lady of the day and the temerity to say she couldn’t pay travel fare with a pocket full of prize money. This, and my harsh response, ruined our friendship. Iona managed to give herself a pretty nasty cut on the hand as she guaranteed a healthy lead for both our ladies’ teams over Strathclyde or Aberdeen or someone.


With Scott finishing somewhat high-ish I guess, Calum had a pretty lonely second leg, but he still made running look easy. Leon put in a great performance along with Sophie Collins and Bryony. At this stage I scratched the ‘E’, ‘D’ and’ ‘I’ onto the trophy using a safety pin.

We looted triathlon talent for leg three, as Sam put one third of his expertise to excellent use. He insisted on wearing a helmet for the first 30 metres. Our men now occupied a very tidy second overall team. Kumar was one of our debut-makers in green, making a fine start to life in Edinburgh. Franko and Eliza were on hand to bring our ladies home as first and second uni team. Shame it doesn’t work like that (it’s one team per university), but what domination?! A real show of strength in depth.

The Lawler theatrics of last year weren’t required this time around. But he ran really quickly anyway because #yolo. Shettleston weren’t quite in reach, but second men’s team overall is pretty sweet. And obviously first university home by a decent margin. There was just time for Matty to get a disqualification threat as Scott chased him to the finish line. That lady was no fun at all.


And that was that. We continue our reign of terror. Lawler bought us phallic-like ice creams which were funny because we’re children. Cash prizes, medals and a trophy were gathered up, and the tunes on the journey home were absolutely banging. As always, thank you so much to everyone who came and represented. Titles may be won in a matter of minutes, but all of our successes are underscored by dedication to training, spilling pints and shouting inarticulate slurs of encouragement. And this falls on each and every Harie being brilliant, wonderful and sexy. As for the year to come, I summate by the unlikely words of Donald Trump: “We will have so much winning… that you may get bored of winning”.

You may notice a distinct lack of race details here, sorry, Shettleston run faster than they publish results. Also, I shouldn’t really be using other people’s photos without permission. Thank you kindly, Kenny Phillips.

Love youse long time.


Stirling effort everyone!

Saturday marked the first instalment of the East League, one of several trips we’ll be taking to Stirling’s place over the year. It was great to have a strong turnout of Haries, with freshers who are either brave, or no one told them it’s a gruelling course, and some of our orienteering friends joining the party.


The ladies were out first, with Louise emerging from the first hill as part of a leading group that only broke up towards the end of the 6km. She finished in a stunning time of 22.02 to take fourth lady home. Georgie continued her fine form to take 11th, followed swiftly by Amanda in 16th, grabbing the ladies second place on the day. Just round the corner, Beth, Franko and Sophie had a close fought battle throughout, separated by just 14 seconds at the line. Lise can’t stay away from Stirling, that’s two races in the space of four days. Happily, we’ll be back in just over a month to smash the Scottish Uni Champs. I didn’t get a chance to ask them, but I’ll assume Leda, Lizzie and Emily all had the best day ever. I know Becky had a blast because she wrote it on facebook, and Caroline had the energy not only to smile but wave on the way passed. She must be relieved to be out of that black and gold vest. Rachel finished off the ladies’ work for the day, but none of these fine achievements could come anywhere near that of pulling off such an epic start line photo. The boys are thinking about a human pyramid next time.






The men kicked off with the orienteers trying to put some distance between themselves and Butchart from the start. That pace was fierce. The biggest talking point though was Scott making the perfectly reasonable decision to race for hometown Falkirk, as we can’t compete in all of league’s fixtures. But that didn’t stop Bryson leading the boos from the crowd, nor me having a go at him now. Scott clearly hasn’t learnt anything from Judas, Lord Saruman or that Bond villain played by Sean Bean. His treachery saw him not only held off by Lawler, who ran a great race to 12th, but also get a massive, painful blister on his heel. The scythe of justice spares no one, Scott, you bastard.




Ewan came in next, closely followed by Elisha making a cracking debut, in 22nd and 24th.  Alexander and Ali didn’t need maps for this one, but their experience on the hills certainly helped. Can someone have a word about those headbands though? JT held off a late Purkis charge, which Matty generously decided not to partake in. Henry was making his long awaited return, and afterwards said that he needs to get the ‘dirty miles’ in. I’m not sure what that means exactly, but I don’t think it’s sexual. Tad and Calum brought our day’s racing to an end, in what I must add was a great atmosphere made by our wonderful ladies and dedicated support team.


There was one last bit of drama when Elisha came pretty close to missing the train home as he struggled to pick ingredients for the perfect crisp sandwich. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves to the utmost.



Dear Central AC, We’re coming for you.

This Sunday marked the beginning of cross country season, and mighty green ranks formed to take on the east district relay championships in Peebles.


Numbers pinned, things kicked off with the ladies’ race. The A team was led out with Steph reminding us how ridiculously quickly she runs by running ridiculously quickly. The field had fallen back by the first hill, and were nowhere to be seen after the punishing 4km were up.  Her 14.32 was the third fastest time of the day! Beth was in her natural habitat on the hills and blitzed the course, before Franko dug deep to finish strongly, bringing the ladies home in an impressive fifth place. There were great runs too from the rest of the Harie women. Sophie, Millie and Iona took the ladies’ B team to 13th. Jess, Holly and Zoe took 22nd,  where they were swiftly followed by Eve, Sarah and Christine in 24th.  Rachel was a one women army and showed unreal metal to push through the second hill. Running hurts sometimes and she could have stopped. But she absolutely would not and did not. Stunning performances all round, ladies! You should be very proud.




With all that excitement over, it was time to see what our men could do. And they did not disappoint, playing out that rare historical narrative of educated white male domination. Scotty went out hot for the A team. Following a scorching time at the half marathon last week, not only was he carrying some fatigue but the weight of a massive, outwardly obnoxious ego. Evidenced here:




Rightly earned to be fair, he ran a great leg to hold sixth. Lawler looks much better in green, and did what he does best: smashing hills and charging us into third spot. As leg three got underway,  there were angry murmurs from the Aberdeen camp as they accused us of  fielding a gazelle, ineligible under Scottish Athletics rules and regulations (item 1.3J). An easy mistake to make as Calum (Kiprop) Murray opened up a massive lead over fourth. With Central splitting their teams, catching second was just out of reach for debutant Euan. Nonetheless he finished off in style, grabbing the 10th quickest time of the day. Bronze will do very nicely indeed.  Ewan flew off the start for the B team, proving that doubling up on sessions is the way forward. Ben, Tom and Grant were making their Harie debuts, showing no fear, but maybe the signs of lactic buildup, as they battled hard to bring the day’s racing to a close. Matty made up a lonely C team and, as always, was pretty happy but felt he could have done better. Full results available here:




Congrats to everyone who made it round! To those wearing our illustrious green for the first time, hopefully it will be one of many.  And those beginning their running careers, you may have just adopted a somewhat painful but incredibly rewarding lifestyle. It’s not at all that obvious what makes running a mazy lap up hills and round fields so popular, but it probably has something to do with the immense satisfaction of crossing the line on exhausted legs which wanted you to give up ages ago.  And if you don’t want to get all philosophical, food never tastes better than after running hard.


Until the next one xoxo

Harie Handicaps – Week 1

Well done to everyone who ran in the first handicap race yesterday and congratulations to Bryson for coming 1st, adding a second podium place to his ever growing tally (he won a national bronze y’know!).  A well done as well to Jimmy D for getting the fastest time, despite the Timmy/Jimmy duo reportedly going through the first km holding hands in 2:40.

Come along next week to increase your chances of being crowned Club Champion! Any wrong handicaps will be fixed!

Position Name Handicap Time Actual Time
1 Bryson 03:55 22:22 18:27
2 Victoria 03:20 22:25 19:05
3 German 04:40 22:32 17:58
4 Richard 06:15 22:42 16:27
5 Alex 05:00 22:43 17:43
6 VJ 03:55 22:46 18:51
7 Mark 06:15 22:47 16:32
8 Lyle 03:55 22:50 18:55
9 Rossana 02:40 22:53 20:13
10 Fraser 05:30 23:00 17:30
11 Jimmy D 07:15 23:22 16:07
12 Zoe 03:20 23:28 20:08
13 Rob 05:00 23:30 18:30
14 Beth 03:20 23:32 20:12
15 Charlotte 03:55 23:33 19:38
16 Mike 03:35 23:33 19:58
17 Tim 06:30 24:02 16:32
18 Marcus 03:35 24:07 20:32
19 Sarah 02:20 24:11 22:51
20 Iwan 05:30 24:11 18:41
21 Christine 01:30 24:51 23:21
22 Jasper 03:55 25:08 21:13
23 Hannah 00:00 25:28 25:28