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Hills, Wheels, and 5k Thrills

This week had lots of racing action so I thought I’d write a quick report highlighting the amazing achievements of all our members.

First up, Dumyat Hill Race. This took place on the beautifully sunny evening of the 3rd of May, with barely a cloud in the sky and only a very light breeze – ideal conditions for what is many people’s favourite (or at least, only) hill race of the year. A minibus and a car’s worth of Haries attended this race, which also doubles as the Scottish Student Sport Hill Running Champs. So, with the promise of some good views and maybe even a few medals, we set off up the 390m hill at 7pm sharp (perhaps too sharply for Sasha Chepelin, who’s pre-race toilet trip was very close for comfort).

The race was very enjoyable, as it was mostly very dry and runnable underfoot, with no very extreme inclines. It was also made a bit easier with honourary Harie Connor Launder cheering us on up the hill. (Captain Franko was also supposed to be doing this, but got herself a bit lost) On to the results:

Sasha-dumyatSasha continued his amazing year of running and proved he really is Man Of The Year with a neat second place overall, as well as coming first student. His time of 33:45 was well over a minute ahead of 3rd place! Next Harie was Mark Purkis in 14th, followed shortly by myself (Luetch) in 15th and Frazzy D in 16th. It was a close run between the 3 of us, with all  of us pulling ahead and catching up to each other at multiple times throughout the race. There were sadly no team prizes on offer this year, but the four of us would have certainly come first if there were!

Ewan McMillan was the next Harie, who, after a very fast start, finished in 30th place. Jack Lusko and Aussie Brendan were the next Haries to finish, in 74th and 84th place respectively. (Perhaps the biggest challenge of the day faced by Brendan was not the hill race, but the hour long rant he endured on the journey home he endured when he innocently asked for a “brief” summary of British politics. An impossible task.)

Our ladies also ran well; Jennie G was first woman Harie to finish, and was 6th overall. She was closely followed by Fay Walsh, who was 7th woman. They were also 2nd and 3rd student respectively. Well done! Gen and Rosie then followed, both finishing in under 50 minutes. Jess Husbands came in at 54:47, a full 6 and 1/2 minutes faster than her 2016 time – showing her training for her marathon is paying off (although I’m not sure how recommended hill races are in marathon training plans…). Jogging Queen Emily finished under the hour mark in 58:20, and Ines brought up the rear in 1:01:02. Finally, well done to Georgia Tindley (Trotter/Ex-Haries Captain) for coming first woman!

Then, on Friday, a large portion of the club attended the Scottish 5k Champs down at Cramond. Many of us where used to the course from the many parkruns held here, but the fact that this event is a national championship meant the standard and pace of the race was quite a bit faster than usual. This meant that despite some appallingly strong wind, the results were full of PBs galore. (apologies if I don’t mention everyone who PB’d – I’m just going by what I know/what strava/power of 10 stalking tells me).

The headline from this race is that our women’s team, comprised of Mhairi (6th/17:20), Franko (17th/17:54/PB!), and Catriona (19th/18:01) won gold overall! An amazing result to round off a great year of results from our women – it’s worth remembering that in XC they have been 1st Scottish Uni, 3rd British Uni, 2nd Scottish team, and 1st Scottish relay team!

Mike Christoforu (running for EAC) was 6th overall, quickly followed by Logan (running for Fife), both running a mind-bogglingly fast 14:48. Euan Gillham (running for Kilbarchan) was 13th in 15:02. Logan and Euan also gained U20 medals, winning gold and bronze respectively – well done to them, now please dye your vests green or something.

The first TRUE harie to finish was Young Cameron in 16 minutes dead, coming 44th overall. After that a wave of Haries swiftly followed – Gregor getting 16:06 (PB?), Alex Muir getting 16:07, and James Taylor getting 16:13. Next up was Luke McCrave in 16:26, followed by 16:43 from myself (taking 35s off my PB in the process). Fraser and Brendan crossed the line very close together, running 17:30 and 17:32. Benjy came next – he says he was disappointed by his 18:08 run, but tbh I think he was still hurt by all the nasty things the 13 year old NEDs said to him on the bus.

Eve MacKinnon was 4th Harie women in18:22 –  a mere 3 seconds off her PB. Ben Williamson managed to get a 10s PB, in 18:37 . Lydia also PB’d, running 19:23. Jennie Glass (wow there’s a lot of Haries’ results to report on…) ran well, getting 19:42, and Gen (who’s also training for a marathon, and impressively ran both Dumyat and the 5k Champs!) ran 20:35. Jemma Hoolahan and Christine crossed the line in quick succession, both nipping in just under 22 minutes. The next Haries to finish were Fiona (22:09), Lise (22:16), and Megan (23:34).

Amy B was next in 24:19 – I’m sure she ran fast, because she shed about a third of her body weight in tears at the emotional trauma of running her last ever race as a Harie, after 4 years of commitment to the green vest. Completing the club’s jogging section’s impressive turn out was Carla (24:29), Katie C (24:31/MEDAL WINNER!!!!1!!1), Rachey Stew (26:11), and Eilidh (26:35). Well done to everyone who ran, and thank you as well to everyone who cycled down to support and cheer us on! It was an excellent way to spend a Friday night.

Over and out on the last race report I’ll ever write for the Haries. I still have one more race left in the green vest and shorts combo (Goatfell Hill Race in a few weeks), but my time as a Harie is basically done. Thanks to everyone for making my year as Men’s Captain so fun. It’s been a wonderful 4 years.

Luetch xo


Round The Houses 2017: Men’s Overall Team Take Gold

For full results, click here. Photography credit: Cameron Young

*Disclaimer: The results linked above published two different times, ‘Chip Result’ and ‘Finish Result’. I have based this report on the latter.

Even for the most dedicated road runners, Grangemouth has never been well-regarded for its scenery, especially when the race taking place there is a 10k plod under the grey, chimney-dotted skyline. Yet this has never deterred the Hare and Hounds, who turned out in great numbers to flash a bit of green in the spring sunshine.

The mixed race kicked off at 10:30am with hundreds of runners, both serious and amateur, hitting the tarmac in their best trainers (the likes of which can be purchased from Run and Become at great prices). The course takes in some lovely car parks and picturesque suburbs before culminating, rather excitingly, in Grangemouth Athletics Stadium. The adrenaline produced by changing from road to track never fails to produce fantastic sprint finishes (Linette, looking at you), and the excitement from the spectators makes this a race that is hard to miss. But I managed.


Euan Gillham  was on prime form, placing 2nd overall in 31:04, adding this result to his excellent record from throughout the season. Not far behind him was Logan Rees, proving why he was nominated for the ‘Runner’s Runner Award’ at this year’s AGM, with a time of 31:15. *Just a reminder that this was a 10k.* In 31:47, Scott Stirling crossed the line in 7th place overall and Craig Cambell rounded out the top four Haries in a time of 33:28 in his last ever race for the club. He will be missed. The men’s efforts earned them the Team Gold in a repeat of last year’s achievements. Both our Men and Women’s Teams also came first in the University category, yet another example of green domination.

Louise Mercer placed 4th Woman overall in an excellent time of 36:14 and Cameron Young was 3rd U20 with his time of 34:52, and still had energy to take some cracking snaps #candid. It is worth noting Captain Amy Frankland’s brilliant PB of 38:49 (or 38:39, depending on which results you consider accurate). Fantastic effort from everyone! Here is a summary of the rest of the results:


Some excellent Harie-freshers performances came from Jennie Glass, who crossed the line in 43:37, and Katie Cutforth, who completed the race in 55:26. Our newly elected Jogging Secretary, Eilidh MacQuarrie, put in a great time of 51:42 and Linette Knudsen finished the course in 53:38 and felt at home on the flat terrain, as Copenhagen and Grangemouth are very similar regarding their absence of hills. This is where the comparisons end. Maybe one day Falkirk will rejoin the EU. Not far behind was Rachel Stewart, who ran a time of 54:40 and still had energy to look pose for my favourite photo of the day.


There were also some great performances from familiar faces, even if they were wearing slightly unfamiliar vests. Matthew Rallison and James Bryson both graced the grey streets to finish in great times, and Matt was 16th overall, not far behind Craig.

It was fantastic to see the Hare and Hounds maintain their reputation and produce such an amazing turn out. I am reliably informed that there is currently a post-race potluck taking place, which I will think about longingly as I write essays and articles long into the twilight.

Stay groovy xo

KB5 Road Race 2017

The Hare and Hounds are notorious for their three passions: mud, beer, and recruiting people named Callum*. Yet occasionally the club leaves behind the boggy fields and swaps their trail shoes for footwear more suited for the road. Our biggest race across the tarmac of the year, KB5, is a five mile dash around Kings’ Buildings that takes in the beautiful Edinburgh vista. This year was even more highly anticipated, as the race was followed by the Harie’s first annual Charity Spring Ball in aid of CRY. We may have gone without the mud, but the beer was flowing – and all Cal(l)ums were on great form.

kb5 11

The mixed race kicked off at 12pm on Saturday 4th March. A huge number of Haries risked the wrath of ~the big man~ to line up at the start clad in their old and new green vests. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The marshals barely had time to relax before the race leader, Euan Gillham, soared past, finishing the course in an astounding 24:54. Close on his heels were Murray Strain, finishing second for HBT in 25:21, and Elisha de Mello, managing a fantastic 25:22 despite shin pains. De Mello later described the descent as ‘a real ball tickler’.

Along with Scott Stirling (26:18) and James Dunn (26:25), the Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds‘ men placed first in the team rankings, closely followed by HBT in second. Their team was comprised of Strain, Tom Martyn, who came 5th overall in a time of 25:55 (and wasn’t at all upstaged by the adorable Trig), Pat Gie, who finished 8th in 26:26, and George Ashley, running 30:08. Third men’s team was Edinburgh Athletic Club, made up of Stuart Johnston, John Mowbray, Peter Simpson, and Scott Henderson.

kb5 12

First woman across the line was Captain Amy Frankland in an incredible 30:58 #gingerpower. She later told me that she would have beaten Jack Luscombe (30:48) if he didn’t have the advantage of new shoes. Second female was Mary Macintosh, placing 49th in 31:28, and the top three was rounded out by HBT member Megan Wright in 31:38, who was also first F40.

Andrew Lawler ran the entire race in a fetching blue cap, the aerodynamic quality of which may have contributed to his 9th position in a time of 26:35. Cameron Young stormed to 13th place in 27:23, and despite sleeping in and not eating breakfast, Nicholas Allen came 14th in 27:43. He was followed by another Triathlete (the more the merrier), Euan Cunningham, who finished in 28:05.

kb5 13

The flash of the green men’s Captain’s shorts signaled the finish of Alex Luetchford, managed a brilliant 17th place in a time of 28:40. Triathlete Andrew Johnstone placed 18th, closely followed by Ben Murphy, who had an excellent race and finished in 28:58. Sebastian Bo and Fraser Drummond (who I nominate for Harie of the week for risking his fingers to help me fix my bag zipper. Not many would come that close to me while I’m wielding a butter knife) came 29th and 31st respectively. Calum McLeod proved that a month of eating free cake at John Lewis has only benefited his performance, running 31:00 and placing 39th. We all wish we had those job perks.

kb5 2

Euan Miles was all smiles as he finished in 45th position in 31:35. Caroline Jaschke ran 32:21, quickly followed by Robert Sircus in 32:27 and Angus Pope, finishing in 33:15. A notable alumni performance came from James Bryson, who crossed the KB5 line for the first time in a brown vest in 31:45. Iona Evans finished in 33:42, earning her the position of 6th female. Close behind her was fresher Kristin Bamford, proving she is a runner to watch with her time of 34:12. Hazel Rowland (34:47), Harriet Mills (34:48), and Stuart Coleman (34:49) all ran fantastic times, starting a flood of Haries crossing the line around the 35 minute mark.

Kai Konkolewski breezed into 63rd place with Jennie Glass crossing the line just after him in 35:22. Right behind her was Genevieve McMahon, who came 65th in 35:26. The dynamic duo of Jenny Nicolas and Jess Husbands were 67th and 68th – Jess knocking over 6 minutes off her PB from last year by finishing in 35:44!

kb5 5

Katie Hall was 16th female by running a great time of 36:35, closely followed by Christine Irvine, continuing her great form of the past year, placing 71st overall. Eve Sealy (who baked some wonderful vegan flapjack, much appreciated), Ciara Newell, and Linn Gjesdal ran 36:55, 37:07, and 37:21 respectively.

Rounding out the top 80 runners was Grace Sheeran and Elizabeth Stevenson who crossed the line together in 37:48. Fiona King finished in 37:58, with Lise Theron and  Leda Olia hot on her heels in 84th and 85th place.
kb5 6

Coming in under 40 minutes was Amy Bristow who, along with Leda, stole the show with their enthusiasm for the damp, chilly course. Telling me later that she ‘literally could not have tried harder’ (that’s the Haries spirit!), Freya Cartwright finished her second race of the academic year in 39:40. Carla Willars took the tough the tough climbs in her stride and finished in 39:39.

Another congratulations to Emily Payne, who also PB’d. She not only knocked a huge time off of her result from last year, she also ran over two minutes faster than the Glasgow 5 Miler that took place a couple of weeks ago. A really incredible performance, proving that no one should ever underestimate the results you can get from our wonderful Jogging Group. Jenny Hamilton also finished in great form, managing a time of 42:30.

kb5 10

New member of the club Katie Cutforth completed the top 100 in a time of 43:24, while we were once again joined by ‘Hariest Harie’ Linette Knudsen (44:22), who transformed later into a green vision of Danish royalty with matching emerald bag. Ines Santi was right behind her, finishing in a great tie of 44:46, and Sanni Suhonen completed the course in 46:49, looking fabulous in her all black ensemble *heart eye emoji*. Incredible effort from everyone!

Emily Riddell travelled the course in true style, and summed up the whole experience as ‘stiches and hitches’, which can be interpreted at your own discretion. We all know she’ll smash the next race with no problem! I’d like to personally thank everyone for running so fast, meaning that I was marshaling  in the cold for less than an hour. It was a delight so see everyone enjoy the race so much, especially considering the amount of work Sophie Collins and all my fellow committee put into the organisation. Thank you for taking part and raising so much money for our chosen charity.

kb5 4

Thank you to all our marshals! You’re the best. Especially the Orienteers – looking at you Ewan Davidson.  Stay tuned for the Social email, which will fill you in on all the cheeky happenings from the Ball. Shoot me a message if you fancy joining me for a 24 hour race in the coming months xo

*This includes all alternative spellings.

Photo Credit: Olivia Morgan and Cameron Young.

Scottish XC Championships: Muddy Fun in Falkirk

Scottish Cross Country Championships: the culmination of the cross-country season and the end of Creative Learning Week. Whilst Alice was indulging on Pastrami bagels and big fat donuts in NYC, and the Orienteering lads were ‘training’ in Alibanté, a select group of the hardiest Haries descended on Callendar Park to be met with some of the toughest cross country conditions this season. The mud in some parts can only be described as ‘soupy’.

Kicking off the Falkirk festivities were the U20 Women. Catriona Graves battled it out at the front of a very competitive field for 5th place. Eve Mackinnon, running for Ronhill Cambuslang and another of John Lees’ elite, followed her home in 6th place. A fantastic silver medal was secured by Rosie Wright and Jennie Glass in 17th and 19th places respectively. The team was completed by Eve Sealy in 27th place.

falkirk 2

The women’s race was next to start in the shadow of Callendar House and the iconic Angus BBQ van. The race which included the likes of Olympian Beth Potter and Commonwealth athlete Morag Mcclarty, was always going to be an exciting one. Steph Pennycook and Mhairi Maclennan held their own in a high-class field; both finishing in the top 10 in what was their debut among the senior ranks. Less than a minute behind, Louise Mercer bagged a commendable 15th place and Captain Amy Frankland “brought home the team bling” (yet another silver medal) with 45th position. Iona Evans, Genevieve McMahon, Christine Irvine, Amy Bristow and Rachel Stewart were completely undeterred by the new 10k distance. In fact, they loved it! Rachel was quoted as saying that it was by far her favourite race this year. Amy Bristow could be heard complaining that it wasn’t long enough and that she was only just getting warmed up.

Sophie Collins, suffering from Jimmy Dunn’s mileage had to pull out on the third lap with a calf injury. She’ll be back for a tilt at the KB5 title to continue her string of 5 mile road race wins.

falkirk 1


The men’s U20 race was contested by a disappointingly few Haries – I’m looking at you, Matthew Vu. Don’t drop out, it’s mean to Christine. In this race of torn allegiances, Euan Gillham, who forgot to wear green, had a tactically orgasmic run. He paced his effort to perfection to comfortably claim the silver medal. Logan Rees, wearing a Fife vest finished 5th. (1st place in Katie’s heart). He wasn’t particularly satisfied with his race so don’t ask him about it. Honestly, don’t ask him about it; he’ll cry. Looking on the bright side of life, he was part of the gold medal winning Fife team, along with the glory hunting Gregor Malcolm. So well done Fife. The ever-modest Thomas Otton, resplendent in his Player Layer vest had a run to be proud of, finishing just outside of the top 10 in 12th. I managed to stay upright on his way to 19th place. Mook was pleased because I actually finished and finally contributed some points to her fantasy league team.

The performance of the day has to be awarded to PlayerLayer sponsored athlete, Jacob ‘Pablo’ Adkin, who finished 23rd out of a field of 647. Craig Campbell capped off his best ever cross country season (albeit wearing an Inverness vest) finishing in 53rd. Hunting Craig down in the home straight was Alex Muir (57th)-all the more inspiring as he’s only running 20 miles a week. Captain Alex Luetchford, who has had an admirable string of results this season, slithered his way around the sinuous course for 63rd. He took the scalp of none other than James Dunn who finished close behind him in 65th. He wasn’t racing apparently; just a tempo. Ben Murphy, running for Strathearn Harriers ended his cross-country season looking fresh in 177th.

After his race, James Bryson received a hero’s welcome on his return to the Haries tent for the first time since his departure to HBT. Brown doesn’t suit you James. A special mention must also be given to “American Adam” who rocked up in road racing flats, proving that Americans have a complete lack of understanding of true cross country. Unsurprisingly he didn’t finish the race. I highly recommend a set of spikes for your next XC race mate. Run and Become sell cross country spikes, by the way.

falkirk 3

The mud was made manageable by motivating marshals Mook, Beth and John, who had optimistically donned some sick shades for the occasion. Notable supporters around the course included Katie Cutforth (who took some excellent photos of Amy Bristow and co.) Andrew Lawler (without the mankini unfortunately), Euan Gillham’s mum, Logan Rees’ entire family and James Jarvis.

Race report writing is fun (Editor’s Note: fun but wait until you don’t have anyone to proof read and your audience is full of hecklers). Vote Cameroni for Publicity in this month’s AGM (29th).

Back to Alice for next week’s KB5 road race.

BUCS XC Championships 2017: Women Take Bronze in Sheffield

The annual BUCS XC races are some of the most anticipated on the University running calendar, and the Hare and Hounds never fail to send their best down South to show exactly why we’re considered one of the country’s best clubs. Experienced Haries will know that nothing can put us off competing in this race – not rain, or mud, nor even nine hour long bus journeys. So imagine our delight as we walked into Graves Park in Sheffield to find glorious sunshine cascading across the (soon to be devastated) green lawn.

Yet in traditional BUCS style, there was no shortage of mud and we still managed to almost lose toes to the chilly air – as I write this I am starting on my third round of antibiotics. Now that’s what I call dedication to the cause. It was worth it, however, as the three races were some of the most exciting running I’ve witnessed in a while. Mo Farah, eat your heart out.

bucs 9

The men’s A Race flew off the starting line at 12 o’clock, and our team had a strong start on the 10.3km course. Overall their efforts hurtled them into 8th place in the team rankings, highlighting the remarkable team work that the Haries take pride in. The first man in green across the line was Logan Rees, completing an exceptional performance in the longer race in a time of 33:21, ultimately coming in 28th place. Despite the mud, he managed to keep that fetching white cap spotlessly clean. Hot on his heels was Scott Stirling, who deserves accolade not just for running a fantastic time of 33:22, but for managing to balance travelling down South with his Uni exams.

The next Harie across the line was Euan Gillham, who is having an excellent running season. He finished in 56th place with a time of 34:15. After putting his roll of loo paper in a safe place, Elisha de Mello ran a tremendous time of 34:38, with fresher Alex Carcas proving that age is just a number by crossing the line only 12 seconds later. This meant that our whole A Team came in the top 80 in a field of over 300 of the finest runners in academia. Mike Crawley also started strong, and will undoubtedly prove his talent in the next race.

bucs 5

Next up was the women’s race at 1pm, covering a distance of 7.3km. This race wasn’t split into A or B Team categories, which meant that all our female runners were competing simultaneously. Following on from their previous success, the incredible teamwork of Steph Pennycook, Mhairi MacLennan, and Louise Mercer ran them to 3rd place overall, picking up bronze medals and 10 BUCS points for the Hare and Hounds. Individually, they all put in brilliant performances, with Steph maintaining her strong start and placing 6th in 26:33. Mhairi crossed the finish line in 26:46, coming 11th, and Louise wasn’t far behind, finishing 14th in a time of 27:05. Less than a minute later Catriona Graves completed the distance in exactly 28 minutes, placing 32nd.

The next green vest across the line was Sophie Collins, who managed 76th place despite face-planting on the course, an event that surely only knocked a few seconds off her great time of 29:35. Eve Mackinnon was right behind her with the same time after demonstrating some hurdling finesse on the hay bales. In 113th place was Captain Amy Frankland in 30:32 and fresher Lydia Blythe proved that she’s a runner to watch, finishing in 31:04. Rosie Wright, Iona Evans and Christine Irvine all managed to cross the line with a sub-35 minute time, paving the way for  Maddy Austin and Leda Olia to tear up the course, placing 369th and 455th respectively. Maddy celebrated immediately afterwards with a well-deserved beer. A true Harie.

Amy Bristow completed the course in 38:39 after taking the rapidly deteriorating terrain in her stride. A new member to the club Carla Willars showed her determination by crossing the line in just over 40 minutes, closely followed by #mermaid Rachel Stewart, who finished in 41:38. Emily ‘The Riddler’ Riddell was next to cross the line in exactly 43 minutes, while wearing enough green to realistically challenge for the title of ‘Hariest Harie’ next year. Lauren MacAlister ran steady race to finish in under 45 minutes, completing our women’s effort for this year. Who run ‘da world?

bucs 2

Before my heart-rate could settle back to normal (who needs aerobic exercise, eh?), the next group of male Haries lined up for the B race at 2pm. The distance was slightly shorter at 8.1km, but Lawler’s bits were getting a bit cold anyway. The starting line was a hot-bed of excitement and naked ambition, and as the race began, the green vests of the last Haries to run were a blur across the field. Jack Leitch was the first to finish for Edinburgh, placing 10th in 27:17, closely followed by Jacob ‘Pablo’ Adkin in 12th place, who celebrated his result by splashing the $$$. In 19th place was Alexander Chepelin, who crossed the line 27:45 and consequently collapsed so dramatically I thought I’d have to add an obituary to the end of this report. Luckily he was fine and just over-balanced due to the aerodynamic nature of his hair cut.

Another fine performance came from Craig Campbell, who finished in 31st place in 28:26 and absolutely deserved to be in the team photo. My bad. Nicholas Allen was next across the line in a time of 28:49 and placing 52nd. Doesn’t that man look dashing in a green vest? He was closely followed by James Taylor, who ran a great race, coming 56th in just under 29 minutes. Ewan Davidson completed the course in 29:03, making running the muddy terrain look easy. Alex Luetchford did his Captain’s shorts proud by placing 80th in a time of 29:30, and James Dunn finished in just over 30 minutes, coming 109th.

Seemingly unaffected by his *ahem* antics before the race, Andrew Lawler finished in 30:31, followed by Ben Murphy in 168th place, who managed both a great race and an excellent social (or so I’m told. I was in bed with a hot water bottle at 11pm). Euan Miles put in a great effort to finish in 36:19, with Ben Williamson close behind him, completing the race in 38:31. Shoutout to Cameron Young for his race, we all know he’ll tear up the (Shef)field next time. Geddit?

bucs 8
Bad luck for anyone trying to hide their knee fetish

Thanks to Jack and Eilidh for coming down to support and to everyone for their enthusiasm (and incredible baking. Euan, I love what you can do with an oven). Of course, we are indebted to Frank for driving us safely to the ‘North’ of England. Finally, thank you to Lawler, for mentally scarring me with both his body and his quiz.

See you all in the next race.

Lots of love,

Grandmother Alice and her hot water bottle xoxo

East District XC League: Broxburn

The new semester was started in frosty style as the Hare and Hounds traveled to Broxburn to compete in the East District XC League on Saturday 14th January. This race is notorious for its often snow-covered terrain and tenancy to topple even the most experienced runners. The turnout was excellent as many Haries pinned on their homemade numbers – although some seemed confused as to what shade of vest to wear underneath. Pretty sure our colour was green? Regardless of club affliction, the Haries delivered some great winter running. For full results, click here.

In the women’s race, the Hare and Hounds finished 5th place overall thanks to an excellent performance from Sophie Collins, who came 12th in a time of 22:18. She has proven, time and again, to be a reliable competitor – Saturday’s race being no exception. Not far behind her was Captain Amy Frankland, finishing in 23:43. Rosie Wright rounded out the top three Haries in under twenty five minutes, securing their 5th place overall positon.

More great performances came from Christine Irvine, who finished in 26:02, and fresher Ciara Newell, who ran in a time of 26:54 and continues to prove herself as a wonderful new asset to the club.

Sophie Collins takes on the icy terrain

The men were not to be outdone in their race, coming in a fantastic 1st place in the team rankings. This ranking was ensured by Callum Symmons (28:04), Colin Campbell (28:06) and Jacob Adkin (28:33), who came just outside the top ten yet still ran the club into the top position. A great demonstration of team work.

Adding another great time to the Haries results was James Taylor, who finished in 14th place. In a time of 30:05, Ewan Davidson took the frosty path in his stride, coming in just after Paul Kerr, who finished in 29:14 – both brilliant times. After swapping the bike for the undulating terrain, newbie to the Haries Nicholas Allen finished in a time of 30:27, with Captain Alex Luetchford not far behind, completing the course in 30:46.

The excellent team results were not aided by the likes of Logan Rees, Mike Christoforou, and Scott Stirling, who came 1st, 2nd and 5th respectively. They along with Ben Murphy did their home clubs proud and we hope to see them back in green soon.


We hope you had a great new year and are excited to get back into the racing spirit. After the success of last semester, we have no doubt that the Hare and Hounds will continue to dominate the fields and roads well into the summer.

Stay groovy.

Alice xo


Photo Credit: Neil Renton and Iona Evans

Semester One Highlights | Sep-Dec 2016

As the last day of 2016 comes to an end, no one will be able to deny that the first semester of the Harie’s racing calendar was defined by two things: medals and misunderstandings. From the beginning of Fresher’s week right up to exam season, the enthusiasm from all our members never ceased. We have seen many new faces join our ranks this term, showing commitment to rival even the most seasoned Harie. The socials have been excellent, and we’re not too bad at this running lark either. Here is a look back at the last four months of racing:

The Captains Amy and Alex show their team pride at the East District XC Relays

The season began with the East District XC Relays, held in Livingston on Saturday, 8th October. (This was my favourite race, simply because the consequences of our “disqualification” gave me several weeks of headaches and allowed me to make my first official statement as Publicity Sec – just the sort of drama I get my kicks from.) The race itself was a team affair, something the Haries are particularly good at. After a nailbiting competition, our team made up of Steph Pennycook, Louise Mercer and Catriona Graves came second! For the men’s race, the team comprising of Elisha de Mello, Callum Symmons, Andrew Lawler and and James Dunn came third/second depending on who you talk to. A special congratulations to Euan GillhamLogan Rees, Scott Stirling and Michael Christoforou, for not racing, not coming first, and not being the victims of envy and bureaucracy.  What was wonderful about this race was the amount of freshers who turned up to represent us in green vests. The future of the club is in safe hands.

Mhairi Maclennan doing what she does best at the Scottish XC Relay Championships

On Saturday, 22nd October, the Haries set out once again to break records (although this time without dispute) at the Scottish XC Relay Championships. Our women put in outstanding performances, illustrated by the team made up of Lydia Blythe, Sophie Collins, Rhiannon Kirk, and Sarah Douglas finishing in an excellent 15th place. Steph, Catriona, and Louise continued their success along with Mhairi Maclennan by coming 1st! Almost as if they had something to prove, the men’s team comprising of Scott, Logan, and Euan came second having acquired the slightly less controversial Andrew Lawler into their ranks. These results were certainly one of the highlights of the semester.

There were also some good results from the National Short Course XC Championships, where Steph, Catriona, Sarah, and Eve MacKinnon ran their team to 5th place!

The start of the 5km race at Braids XC.

Up next was  Braids XC Hill Race. If you were not in attendance, then quite frankly you didn’t really live this semester. Some notable performances came from the likes of Alexander Chepelin and Craig Campbell, who finished 12th and 15th respectively in the 10km. As a new member of the club, Anna Vesaluoma took on the harder distance and it was fantastic to see the familiar faces of James Bryson and Sarah Henderson tackling the hill – twice! Brown looks fetching on both of them. Andrew Lawler came 2nd in the 5km, while Eilidh MacQuarrie completed the race in under 26 minutes despite sustaining a nasty leg injury, and Linette Knudsen, this year’s ‘Hariest Harie’, traveled from Denmark just to take part. The hardest part of Braids isn’t the mud or the hills, but rather trying to condense all of the fantastic running into one concise report. The effort that everyone put in cannot be overstated.

Alex Luetchford running so fast at Scots Unis that his hands turned orange

Only a week later, on the 19th November, it was the our turn to host the Scottish University Cross Country Championships. In something that Captain Alex described as ‘textbook domination’, the Haries won gold in both the Men’s Team and Women’s Team categories. Logan Rees placed 1st for the men, and Catriona Graves took 2nd for the women. Newcomer to the Hare and Hounds Alex Carcas placed 3rd for the chaps, proving to be another fine addition to our club. There were dozens of exceptional performances, almost too many to state. So I won’t. But I will tell you that it was recently announced that 14 Haries were chosen to represent Scottish students in the Inter-Districts teams out of a total of only 24 athletes. Hot dayum. Thank you, once again, to Sophie Collins for organising both Braids and Scots Unis – flawlessly.

To see the full results of all the races or relive the cracking reporting from across the semester, click here. Once again, we are indebted to everyone who makes the Hare and Hounds possible – our coaches, the people behind the scenes, the minibus drivers, and everyone who actually pays the membership fee.

There are some exciting races to look forward to in the new year, like the rescheduled Glasgow 5 Mile, BUCS, Isle of Man,  KB5, and Dumyat. There are others that are less great, like Broxburn, but that’s just a personal grudge. So strap on those running shoes, sync your Garmin and get ready for #newyearnewme.

Stay groovy.

Alice xoxo

Scottish University Cross Country Championships: Home Turf Domination

For full results click here.

On Saturday 19th November 2016, Scotland’s finest student cross country runners took to the hills of Craigmillar Castle Park on the Hare and Hound’s home turf of Edinburgh, to compete in a grueling race for the national titles. The route, pieced together by Sophie Collins and James Dunn, had no mercy, incorporating some steep inclines, sheer descents and twists and turns through the woods – the epitome of a proper cross country course. Technical, challenging, but hugely enjoyable both for spectators and competitors.


Not only an organisational success (nice one Sophie), the race yielded some of the most outstanding performances by those in green. For the women’s race at midday, Catriona Graves, recently having received a call up to represent Scotland, placed second. Eve Mackinnon followed swiftly behind to take bronze. A wave of Haries tailed the leaders, with Sophie Collins producing a fantastic run to finish 4th, and Amy Frankland also running like the wind to take 8th. A tight final sprint for the line between three runners saw Sarah Douglas finish 12th, and fresher Rhiannon Kirk ran a storm placing 18th. All the athletes reaping the rewards of dedicated training and hard work.

For the men’s race, a field awash with green vests also proved that the Haries dominate Scottish student cross country. Logan Rees, another athlete who represents Scotland, took gold in his stride, running tactfully so that his positioning was perfect for the final downhill dash for the tape. Alex Carcas took 3rd in the close battle for the medals. Next home was Alexander Chepelin placing 7th, Jack Leitch in 8th and Craig Campbell in 10th. James Dunn, flourishing on his home-made course finished 14th, with Cameron Young in hot pursuit placing 15th.15094235_10211099915354663_3805350057641015368_n

Overall the Haries won gold in both the Men’s Team and Women’s Team catergories. Out of a field of 60 in both races, the Haries held the court (or mud and hills). ‘Textbook domination’, as described by men’s captain Alex Luetchford. Both the men and women won the team prizes, and therefore the overall title, setting the tone for the remaining races of season, and making a very strong green mark on the university cross country scene – BUCS, here we come!

Lots of celebration pursued that evening, medals and trophies galore. It doesn’t stop there though. Monday night still saw everyone out at DVC, battling the Baltic winds, and proving why the Haries are reigning cross country kings and queens. Next up is the East District League which will see plenty of green vests travel up to Aberdeen on 3rd December to run (pretty fast) and compete for the regional titles.


However, until then, we wish the Haries heading down to Liverpool for the European Trials this weekend the best of luck.


Written by Lydia Blythe

Braids XC Race 2016: Conquer the Hill

Full results: 5km / 10km

On Saturday 12th November, hundreds of runners from across the UK descended (then ascended and descended again) on the Braids Hills for our annual cross country race. Records were broken, cake was consumed, many injuries were sustained – and not just from racing. Braids is a highlight of the racing calendar for many reasons, fuelling expectations for newbies and veterans alike. 2016 did not disappoint. Amazing performances insured there was drama on the course, and boat racing at the after-party guaranteed it continued well into the early hours.

From the views overlooking Edinburgh to the energetic ceilidh dancing, it’s no wonder running clubs traveled from cities far and wide. From distant lands such as Swansea, Leeds, and Manchester, to slightly closer locations like St Andrews, Newcastle, Aberdeen, and Glasgow, the starting line was a rainbow of running vests as they prepared to conquer the course.


The 5k race began at 13:30, and there was still a satisfactory amount of mud despite the better than expected weather. There were some excellent performances from HBT in both races, a fact encapsulated by Tom Martyn, who came 1st in 15:43. He barely had time to catch his breath before leaping straight into the 10k race too (and coming 14th) – an extra well done to everyone who took on the extra challenge of running twice! Representing the Hare and Hounds, Andrew Lawler came second place with a fantastic time of 15:58, closely followed by Rory Stead of Aberdeen University in 16:13. Amelia Pettitt, representing Newcastle University, was the first woman across the line in a time of 17:46, and close behind her was our own Georgia Tindley in 18:20, with Beth Garland of Leeds University completing the women’s top three in a time of 18:46.
14963257_1301328033244913_6492207824390677747_nThere were countless notable performances from the Hare and Hounds and HBT. Michael Diver ran two exceptional races, coming 14th in the 5k before running a sub-40 minute time in the 10k. Calum Murray finished in 17:39, putting him in an impressive 17th place.  Eilidh MacQuarrie completed the race in under 26 minutes despite sustaining a nasty leg injury, and Linette Knudsen traveled all the way from #Norway (the capital of Denmark, didn’t you know) and ran in more green clothing than we all considered possible.

In a category all of his own, I’m told that our own James Jarvis ran his 100th Parkrun that morning, before running both Braids races in 20:11 and 42:48 consecutively. Bloody hell.

Braids history was made during the 10k race, which kicked off at 14:15 as the temperature began to dip*. Kristian Jones of Swansea Harriers AC smashed the course record in a time of 30:26, which is fast for a flat 10k, never mind a muddy XC. There was almost a minute gap between him and Grant Sheldon, who ran an excellent time of 31:18 for Ronhill Cambuslang Harriers. Rounding out the top three was Marc Austin, representing Victoria Park, who completed the race in 31:38.

In fourth place was Michael Christoforou, unfortunately not in a green vest, but in an time of 31:44. Running for Central AC, Fanni Gyurko was the first woman, completing the course in 36:31. Not far behind her was Lucy Crookes of the University of Leeds, in 37:15, and also managing a sub-40 minute time was the incredible Georgia Tindley, placing third woman.

*At least it did for me on the top of the hill. Three hours and 700 calories of nuts later, I just about retained all my limbs.


The top twenty was not without its green. Scott Stirling, anticipating that the 13+ people in front of him in the first lap went off too fast, held his nerve and finished in an excellent 7th place with a time of 32:02. Less good at pacing, but brilliant at wearing kilts, Alexander Chepelin finished 12th in 32:50. Craig Campbell completed the course 32 seconds later, managing a fantastic 15th place.

Another performance worthy of note came from Alex Luetchford, who came 31st in 36:01. It is clear that hill races are his favourite #hillreps. As a new member of the club, Anna Vesaluoma took on the harder distance and finished in under 47 minutes – exactly the kind of masochism we encourage in the Haries. Happy birthday to our dearest Calum McLeod. It was fantastic to see the familiar faces of James Bryson and Sarah Henderson tackling the hill – twice! Brown looks fetching on both of them.


Thank you to everyone to ran, marshaled, and supported this year’s race. I cannot convey how grateful we are for the continued success of this event and its high regard amongst University clubs and local runners alike. A massive congratulations to Sophie Collins for organising the race. We’re in safe hands for hosting Scots Unis on the 19th.

This was an attempt at a brief report. Apologies for not mentioning every result – there were just too many keen Haries and HBT runners. You can find full results for both races at the beginning of the post and lots of other photos on our Instagram (@eu_hareandhounds) and on our Facebook page. I will post a table of Haries results shortly (i.e as soon as my essay deadline is over.)


A personal thank you to Sarah Douglas and Jonas Muller for running with the Go Pros for me. Your contribution to the end of year video is truly appreciated!

Braids 2015 was my first Haries event – the beginning of a crazy, green love affair. I hope some of our ‘Freshers’ (Sanni, Katie, Ciara, to name but a few) are ready for the next 2-4+ years of mud and cake. Not necessarily in that order.

See you all for Scots Unis! Alice xo


Photo credit: Kevin Brydon, Nairn McWilliams, and, uh, me!

National Short Course XC Championships

Written by Alex Luetchford

After a brief tarmac-based respite last week at the Allan Scally Road Relays, this Saturday saw the Haries’ cross country season continue – although this was possibly the least ‘cross country’ cross country course yet. The National Short Course XC Championships took place around some pancake flat rugby pitches that were relatively firm underfoot. It almost made Manchester Relays seems exciting (at least that has a very slight hill).

However, running 4km in these conditions meant the race was blisteringly fast and very competitive, with much of the race consisting of jostling for position with thick packs of runner. The Hare and Hounds performed admirably with some excellent results. Amazingly, the same was true of our club tent which, despite missing a pole, held itself together in the strong winds. As such, the race tested both the Haries’ speed and DofE skills – and we succeeded in both.

The women were off first, and the race was made even more exciting by the presence of Olympian Laura Muir. Our own Steph Pennycook came a very impressive 5th place in a time of 14:13. followed up by Catriona Graves in 14:59 (23rd). Eve MacKinnon and Sarah Douglas completed the women’s A team, running 15:41 and 15:55 respectively. Their collective efforts meant the Haries women were the 5th team overall. Needless to say, Muir dominated the field, but after the huge 40 second gap she created, the rest of the race was much closer.

The rest of the women also ran well. Rhiannon Kirk ran 16:29, joined by Lydia Blythe in 16:55, Rosie Wright in 17:47, and Christine Irvine in 18:14. Next was Lise Theron (18:33), Katie Hall (19:11), and Georgia Freeman-Mills (19:22). Rachel Stewart  finished in 21:35, looking sassy as always.*


With over 360 runners on the start line, the Men’s race was was densely packed and very competitive. Much of the race was spent fighting through crowds In an exciting battle for first place, ex-Harie Captain Ben Stevenson powered through to win gold, in 12:05! Scott Stirling came through just 14 seconds later in 5th place. He was closely followed by Mike Christoforou (gone but never forgotten) in 12:27, wearing white vest that looked suspiciously like it belonged to an Edinburgh AC athlete. Also running in non-green vests (grrrrr…) were Logan Rees and Euan Gillham, who were 3rd and 4th U20, and each ran 12:33 and 12:37 respectively. The second Harie to cross the line in the correct vest was Andrew Lawler, in 12:55. Callum Symmons came in swiftly after, in 13:00 dead, and Alexander Chepelin completed our Men’s A team in 13:04, meaning that the men placed 4th overall! The Harie lads continued to finish thick and fast, with Alex Carcas (13:12), Cameron Young (13:15), Ewan Davidson (13:21) and Jack Leitch (13:26) all running exceptionally. Myself and Ben Remnant rounded off the men by each running 14:09 and 14:31. Sadly Tom Otton had to drop out mid-race due to back pain – get well soon!


All-in-all it was a solid racing performance from the Haries. Although there was a disappointing lack of medals, Tesco has roast chicken from the hot deli reduced to £1, as well as 40 donuts for the same price – so I think it’s fair to say everyone in the minibus left feeling content. Tip-top running from everyone!

*But not as sassy as I did wearing her vest – the continuing vest-shortage saga meant that an unorthodox vest-swap had to take place as soon as she crossed the line, and I sprinted over to the Men’s start feeling tight for both time and lung capacity.