Nationals XC 2019 (A big one!)

The sun was out at Callender Park for yet another National XC at the cracking venue! We travelled with many people just coming back from injury and those watching who are sadly still injured. But most notably Naomi Lang, who has only just been back from injury and got 3rd in the U20 Women’s Race, only 12 seconds behind Giffnock North Athlete Erin Wallace. What a comeback! 

Not to mention, we won 2 Team Prizes! The U20 Guys were in top form and so were the U20 girls too who both were first. Not too shabby at all – two best in Scotland teams!

Contributing to the U20 Girl’s was Naomi Lang with her storming comeback run, Zoe Pflugg and Constance Nankivell. Each of them coming 3rd , 6th and 9th respectively. And contributing the U20 Men’s was Max Milarvie, who had made a real strong lead at the start to show his strength but unfortunately Freddie Carcas took him to get Max 2nd overall. Next in was Captain Gregor Malcolm, Callum Tharme and then Max Bloor. Each coming 2nd, 9th, 13th and 20th. 

For the Senior teams we had the Women’s team coming 8th Overall, and the Men coming 6th Overall. With strong runners making up each time. Including Mhairi MacLennan  who struggled through the race but still got an outstanding position of 4th Overall just missing out on a position on the podium, agonisingly close to 3rd. And Jack Leitch in the mens race after having his outstanding performance at BUCS, had a good start and moved through well however after 6k reportedly struggled with stomach pains after this. 

Making up the Womens’ team was Mhairi MacLennan, Amy Frankland, Sally Stewart, Polly Edwards, Jennie Glass. Their positions were 4th, 18th, 76th, 85th and 116th respectively.  All completing the gruelling almost 11k course, upped from last years distance. 

The guys that built up the mens team were Jack Leitch, Elisha De Mello, Alex Muir, Alex Carcas, Jack Eykelbosch and triathlete Nicholas Allen.

Well done to everyone that raced and Happy Birthday to Carly who had Birthday Nationals

“All Roads Lead to” Exeter (BUCS XC 2019)

Just like Braids, all roads appeared to lead to Exeter on Friday (apart from Mhairi – I was well Jel) with all flights to Bristol cancelled because apparently there was some snow in the south? We didn’t see much…? Anyway 32 Haries braved the 20 hr round trip on the coach which was organised efficiently by the Sports Union and a special shoutout to Katie Hall for taking on the last minute challenge to get us all there! This hard work eventuated into results as Mhairi brought home a podium position to secure 3rd place, whilst Jack Leith had an astonishing run, getting himself all the way up to 28th in the Men’s A race, whilst fierce rival Alex Carcas suffered a slip of the shoe costing him dearly in his XC battle after a good result at Livingston two weeks ago. 

Taking it back a few steps to the bus down which left sharply mid-day Friday after a scramble for most, to get their things together. Meanwhile captain Gregor Malcolm was hard at work getting  his quiz for the bus together (since we were unprepared as I don’t think EasyJet would have appreciated us using their inflight tannoy system…). We also kindly helped out fellow flight stranded BUCS XC’ers Glasgow Caledonia as all 7 of them joined the bus down and the quiz which followed making the 10hr bus feel that little bit faster, arriving at the Travelodge for just gone 00:30. 

Fast forward to race day, on arrival to Bicton College an assessment of the water jump was made after being told that the water jump would be done twice to then become entirely optional for the entire race. This was only taken as a challenge to Maddy Austin as she sized up her attempt at her swan dive into the pond on the rest of her walk around the course. Unfortunately for Matthew Dailey after his walk of the course he made the decision that he wouldn’t take the plunge into what would have been his first BUCS, due to an injury he recently picked up. 

For the rest it was full steam ahead and as the Women’s race quickly got ahead, Mhairi took to the front pack of the field, in what was her last BUCS XC racing for the Haries. She contended with athletes at the front including Jess Judd, Amelia Quirk and Anna Moller. In what was a close fought battle throughout the race for Mhairi to get a well deserved 3rd place. Off the back of some incredibly strong races recently. Not very far behind Mhairi was Holly Page flying around the undulating course to get herself 17th place, averaging 16.6km/h around the course, I’m sure everyone will agree there is much more to come from quite literally record breaking (even breaks the rules for records) Holly as she continues her studies at Edinburgh. Breaking her own expectations after bravely saying in her Harie of the week interview that she was aiming for sub 50th place was Zoe Pflug brining it home in a fantastic 31st position in her first ever BUCS race too. Next Harie to make it back around the hills and over the finishing line, finishing in a strong ??? position was HOTW Amy Frankland (Franko). After already showing her strength in the hills recently she also proved that a hilly finish was no threat for the 4th year Primary Teaching student. Recently coming back from injury and not having been able to get much running done at all before the race was Naomi Lang who still also managed to break the sub 50th position getting herself across the line in 41st place whilst looking very strong running given the lack of training.

Also having good runs were Constance, the ever improving Polly Edwards, Katie Lowery and Alex Kittle who all managed to get across the line in a heavily contended field under 150th place. Just behind them was Emma Gill, Hannah Morrison and hot on the heels of Hannah was JOSEPHINE Edmunds (spelt it write) and Rona Tyler with Josephine edging in front with a strong finish up the hill. Behind them was Jennie Glass, Lydia Blythe (who is now in sunny Spain #Jealous), Maddy Austin (who finished after taking a dive on the second lap) and Arianne to round out the women’s results. 

Split into a Mens A Race and a Mens B Race, with only 6 athletes from each club taking part in the A Race. This year we had Jack Leitch, Alex Carcas, Euan Gilham, Max Milarvie, Callum Tharme and Elisha De Mello making the team of 6. The question on everyones mind was who would win in the showdown of the year Carcas vs Leitch. And unfortunately for Alex this year was not to be his year as early on into the first lap he struggled with his shoe as it fell off. Speaking to Carcas after the race he told me that it must have lost him about 100 places but this has not been verified on how many places he lost, it may have just been to sooth
the wounds of the people that voted for him in the quiz on the bus… (we believed in you Alex!) But who was to know if Alex could have beat a storming Jack Leitch who was averaging 18.5km/h around the course, and finishing so far up the results is a truly commendable for Jack and a good result for the Hounds. Next across the line for the A Race was Euan Gilham also back from a run of injuries but not having trained as much as he would have liked, but rumour has it he has found a loop exactly 1/2 mile long in an undisclosed area in Edinburgh… Maybe this was key to his great performance? Third across the line was 5th year Physics student Eilsha De Mello, who somehow made it on just about every bus this weekend. Next up was Max Milarvie, after having a strong season last year getting some fantastic times and some strong XC performances the Milarvie Gurn was truly on this weekend as he came just over 30 seconds behind Elisha. Max followed the rest of the Hounds pack home as Alex maintained a great position to finish just six seconds behind Max followed by Callum that missed out by 1.4 seconds to Alex at the finish line! 

After an eventful Men’s A race, it was that time for the Men’s B race to take the centre of attention.  With Edinburgh having 9 athletes making it to the start line after a lot of guys decided no to the journey on the coach, don’t blame you at all guys. We also seen a return of postgrad Pat G making it to the start line although he did not manage to finish the gruelling course, I ‘cammy’ believe it. 

Most notable in the B race had to be captain Gregor Malcolm  who crossed the line in a cracking position of 17th with a lead of almost a minute in front of any other Harie #bigbuisnessbigBUCS. Next was OFK, easily spotted with his hairdo, which i will reiterate wasn’t a forfeit, it was choice… Only 4 seconds behind Oscar was Jack Eykelbosch (also spelt write Gregor…) who had a great race showing his strength in XC. A wee battle behind was with fresher Joe Battershill and 3rd year AstroPhysics student Andrew Johnstone who Joe managed to pip across the line by just 0.2 seconds! Joe is my one to watch for the next few years, expecting some big things Joe, after I had completely underestimated his speed before the race. Unfortunately Fraser Roach who has recently been struggling with a niggle was round the course just in front of me, although definitely pulling me along the race with him in sight for most of the course. Harry Nimmo then rounded out the rest of the Haries in the B race. 

Thanks to Polly, Ciara, Gregor and Katie for making this all happen and to Olly from the SU that did his wizardry getting us a coach last minute. Thanks also to BUCS and Exeter
Athletics Club for organising the race too! 

I have some photos from the Mens A race and Women’s Race however it may be a while since I’ve sorted and edited them all

Livingston XC

Almost as soon as the Haries arrived in Livingston, the girls race was off. Minimal warm up and preparation time all round due to a ScotRail faux pas didn’t dishearten the lively spirits ready to face 2 gruelling laps, surmounting to a total of 6.4km. Final tweaks were being made for the latter stages of the season and peak form was well and truly in abundance.

The gun sounded and the Harie girls were soon to make an impact on the top pack. Polly Edwards set her positon out well from the start, proving that her training is paying dividends. Not showing any sign of tiring, she finished in a staggering 11th position, giving the girls a promising start towards the team prize. Second Harie home, and third junior overall in 21st position was Emma Gill: a fresher who makes a decent effort in sharing Harie success with the wider world. Next back was Fay Walsh placing 24th and holding on to the prestige of the EUOC name with a storming run.

Josephine Edmunds finished strong in 32nd and hot on her heels was Rosina Graham in 36th.  Making a quick come back from my year abroad, I was next over the line, almost forgetting how tough Scottish cross country can be. Saturday saw a strong outing of EUOC girls which was O-so-wonderful to see, with Roanne Lilley next into the finish in 63rd. Arianne Holland followed swiftly after in 68th claiming at the start “I don’t even run cross country!” Well done Arianne, you did the mountain goats proud in your hill shoes with such a great run. Next in we saw Louise Adams, yet another orienteer proving that EUOC and the Haries mix pretty well. This week we saw her take to the cross country with grit and determination, while her other half took passionately to orienteering, proving that ‘meeting the mates’ in each of their respective disciplines isn’t the worst part of a budding new ‘friendship.’

All this team spirit and tenacity will only hold the Haries in good stead for the up and coming ‘big boys’ of the cross country season, namely: BUCS and The National. The girls team placed 5th overall in the East District League, where with this race being anything to go by, and some extra support from the rest of the team, the Haries might be able to give Loughborough and Birmingham a run for their money in a few weeks’ time. Well done to everyone that participated, the Haries never looked so good.

Special shout out to Maddy Austin for taking on the role of no.1 cheerleader.

For the men, not only was the race in Livingston the all-important selection race for the BUCS A team but it was also the first time since 1968 that the Harie men have had a shot at winning the East District Cross Country League. With an almost unassailable lead over Central, who have won the men’s competition for the past six years, all we needed to do was turn up. And turn up we did – despite Scotrail’s best efforts – with a 21 strong men’s team, bigger and better than any team we’ve taken to an East League before. All the boys showed up, with the exception of Euan Gilham who doesn’t need to run selection races and Logan Rees who would probably run for Fife anyway. Mathew Dailey, was also missing from the action after appearances at the first two East League races.

This historic League decider was ignited with a questionable attack from veteran Harie Patryk Gierjatowicz. However, it became clear within the first fifty metres that this was just an elaborate ruse to set Max Milarvie up for a commanding counter attack- up the first hill and onto the forest trails. When the boys emerged from the trees on the first lap, it was clear that the Green Machine was operational once again. The Haries were running this show and there was very little that the smattering of Central vests could do about it.

Sasha Chepelin was out in front with HBT’s Scott Fraser and Fife AC’s Kevin Wood for company. Not far behind, hounds Alex Carcas; Max Milarvie; Jack Leitch and Elisha De Mello were baying for blood. Alex Muir stuck to the task behind, running a largely solo race with Oskar Fraser Krauss and Gregor Malcolm already beginning to slip backwards.

Over the three laps, Sasha fought off the challenge from Kevin Wood and powered down the hill on the final lap to try and catch Scott Fraser. In the end, he had to settle for second place once more after coming runner up to Mike Christoforou at Broxburn. On the eve of his 21st, Alex Carcas was the next Harie home, taking 4th and slotting into the second spot in the BUCS A team. Mark Pollard’s disciples, Jack Leitch and Max Milarvie had a friendly tussle throughout the race but it was Jack that came out on top by just two seconds after coming past Max in a thrilling downhill finale. A resurgent Elisha De Mello made it 4 in the top 10 whilst Alex Muir rounded out the scoring team in 12th. After being instrumental in the team’s success at Scottish Unis and the East League this year; we’ll miss Alex’s cross country pedigree at BUCS as he focusses on Southern cross country Champs and at The English Nationals later in February.

After a quiet first semester, Callum Tharme, a fresher on the rise, finished 18th. A performance that will mark him out as one to watch come Falkirk in February. Orienteers Max Bloor and Tam Wilson stuck together for much of the race and only four seconds separated them in the end. They struggled to shake the majestic Jack Eykelbosch who made an impressive return to the XC scene, taking some notable scalps in the process. One such scalp was Andrew Johnstone -Louise Adams’ aforementioned other half – who finished 30th. Oskar Fraser Krauss had un jour sans and was pipped at the line by young Fifer, Craig Morris. Formerly training partners at Fife AC, Oskar was once revered by Craig as the pinnacle of athletic prowess but it apears as if the tables have turned. OFK went off in a sulk post-race. Some eyewitnesses said tears were shed but he was buoyed by the fact that the first Harie counter in last year’s BUCS B race also had a shocker at the third and final East League.

For Gregor Malcolm too, “it was a good day to die hard” but our captain does deserve some credit for captaining his team to their first East League title for over half a century. Gregor just managed to hold off Tom Lines and triathlete Nick Allen whose parents gave him a lift over from Edinburgh.

Pat Gie faded somewhat after an early showing of intent but will hopefully return to peak form just in time for BUCS after a six-year hiatus. Fellow marathon runner Ollie Teenan made a rare cross country appearance as part of his preparations for the Manchester Marathon in April whilst Alex Bell continued to shine in his first season of Scottish cross country.

Carcas’s pal Chris Robinson ran strongly on his debut for the Haries but was narrowly beaten by Dan Smith who was back racing for the first time since The National last year. I can’t decide what’s more sickening though-the vest he decided to race in or his HOTW interview with “Josie”. Good effort though Dan x

Resident Cypriot Konstantinos Kapardis rounded off the most competitive men’s team we’ve ever fielded at an East League.

It was our lowest aggregate team score of our three dominating wins this season and the lowest winning team score there’s been for a long time. It was the kind of emphatic victory we’ve come to expect from the girls in recent seasons and if we can continue this form for the next couple of weeks, BUCS is going to be a pretty successful weekend.


Well… “All roads lead to Braids” don’t they? Well they obviously did on Saturday as we saw yet again record numbers for both the 5k and the 10k! The annual runs hosted by the club had  288 finishers in the 5k and 209 10k with some familiar faces in the mix of it all. Including Jacob Adkin which after his very successful Summer running fancied the trip from his new residence in Keswick running for his new club Keswick AC in the 10k. Jacob told me in a short message with him that “it was a real treat of a weekend” and “not only did I lose my Braids Race virginity, but I returned to the finest city to experience the best atmosphere of any event, amongst the best people!”. He also mentioned a Salomon Bell which was used maybe too excessively for some but he was super proud to hear it and all the cheers he had along the course! Another Ex. Harie Beth Hanson was also spotted on the course in Ambleside colours putting in an impressive time of 39:12 which was 1 minute 22 seconds faster than 2015!

Before I go into the real meat of the Haries performances (I’ll get there soon) there has to be a special shoutout to Arianne Holland who despite having many hurdles to overcome with organising the race managed to put on yet another amazing Braids Hills XC Race! And without the work she has done this event wouldn’t have been possible, and I’m sure this wouldn’t have been an easy job juggling the Vet Degree… (However you’ll hear more in her HOTW interview I’m sure #Hype)

Now the results: I know I’m not gonna be able to mention everyone before even looking properly through the results as there was simply so many Haries running! But what’s not to like about that! Good to see you guys all out!

Starting with the 5k Results (cuz everyone knows why do two loops when you can do one…?)

From the results the 5km race was one of strength with 95 runners managing to go under the 20 minute barrier and of those we had 39 who broke the 18 minute Barrier! I’m also happy to report that Alex Carcas was having an absolute stormer – further showing his dominance on Jack Leitch (Who wasn’t even racing… Although Matthew Leitch was in disguise running for Worthing). In second place was Jack Turner from Lancaster University and third place went to Callum Hanson from Newcastle University, who were both also flying coming in at 15:41 and 15:46 respectively on the (just shy of) 5km course. Just 3 seconds behind third though as if by magic was “Mr Bertie” from Sheffield University who despite not having Eykelbosch’s shouting managed to cruise himself into 4th place (a true legend)! However it may have just been Elisha de Mello’s encouragement from behind on his return to running  encouraging Mr Bertie on the hilly course as on his comeback he managed to get a well deserved 5th place. It looks like a midday start time and local race is just what Elisha needs to turn up on time! Still staying in the top 10 we also saw the return of Jack Eykelbosch himself who after a long run of injury that has came, gone, came back again and then now gone as he’s back by the looks of it and lets hope to see this continue and I wish Jack the best of luck as he goes into the final year of his masters! 

Elsewhere there was Oliver Langselius who is on his year abroad with us and hoping for a place at Armagh this year and with a time of 16:43 he’s well on his way to achieving that! Now I’ve heard this boy is good and I feel there is a lot more for him to show us after speaking to him at the social after the event! But maybe he was just running fast because Naked Joe was behind him (if you know you know, you weren’t in danger Oliver…). Speaking of Joe he had a very good run as well, getting his way across the finish line in a time of 16:45 for Aberdeen University. Not sporting his mankini, (Joe would have been proud) but wearing his Harie Potter green glasses was Andrew Lawler. He is still struggling with injury after having his surgery in the summer but the ex. GB internationalist still managed to get a solid finish, finishing in 17:42 tied with Manchester runner Harry Parker (almost potter). 


As the field got more and more packed further down the order we had 4 finishers across the line in a time of 18:13 including last weeks HOTW our treasured Matthew Dailey along with our equally treasured Amy Frankland (Franko). They both crossed the line along with Leeds University runners Jemima Elgood and Andy Williams. Next Harie home was Alex Bell who was struggling with his race getting stuck behind runners as he found the race to be busier than expected, however still thoroughly enjoyed the race (must be still adjusting to life in a city as he’s from IOM…?). 

Other Haries to cross the line under 20 minutes included Rhiannon Kirk, Michiel Kooijman, Polly Edwards, Rona Tyler, Tucker Owens, Laura King and just missing out with a time of 20:01 was Alexandra Kiltie. Not too far behind was also Eve Mackinnon back from her year abroad last year. Chasing each other down to the finish was also Carly Cameron and Josephine Edmunds both having good runs, and were followed closely by Tara Schwarze-Chintapatla.

Also to complete the course was Sally Stewart (21:04), Alastair White (21:12), Abi Plowman (21:15) and Lydia Blythe (21:17) (who is still on her year abroad right now #dedication). We also had a further 21 Harie’s who completed the course, which was a great turnout for the club!

And the 10k Results (10/10 for effort but why two loops…?)

With an impressive looking start list it was looking to be a very interesting race and that it was! Kris Jones was in super shape and established the lead from the offset and now with many titles under his belt it was time for him to secure another Braids Hills XC Race title (that’s better than National XC winner isn’t it?). The course proved not hilly enough for Jacob Adkin tho as 2nd place could not be his as he settled for 3rd place with St. Andrews man Kevin Fulton taking the second spot on the podium. Unfortunately for the “Hare and Hounds” the “Hare(s)” had their first runner home Andrew Merry in 5th place ahead of our Harie Eddie Narbet (or Pedley I’m still unsure), who was continuing his string of good runs on from Scottish Uni’s! There was also Ex. Harie Ewan Davidson chasing him down who is also in top form running for his new club Moray Road Runners, making his name now up in the north, rising to that superior fame that you just can’t find down in Edinburgh (hope you got in the paper this week Ewan!). Still breaking into a top ten finish there was Ali Masson in a time of 33:05 which was the same time across the line as 9th position Andrew Milligan from Durham University. 

Just outside the top ten we also had one of our new Haries Max Bloor also showing his strength in the 10k coming 14th in a time of 33:51. Followed closely behind Max were a team of Haries lead by Rowan Dunn-Capper, Tom Lines and Robbie Peal who were 16th, 17th, and 20th respectively. Not far back was Nick Bennet in 29th, HBT and forever Harie Alex Luetchford in 34th followed by team mate Ewan Crawford and more Haries Alasdair Bisset & James Haynes who were 36th and 37th respectively. 

Just missing out on sub 37 minutes was Tom Scrutton crossing the line and completing the gruelling 10k course in 37:07 and chasing him down was ex. Captain Ben Murphy running in Brown colours to take 65th place! Another new and keen Harie Emma Gill (@fruitsandroutes) just missed out on going under 38 minutes on the course coming in, in a time of 38:05. Other Haries to cross the line included Andrew Lindsay, Calum McLeod, Toby Linley-Adams, Ben Williamson, Jacob Milburn and Fay Walsh among many others!!

On to the Team Results:

5k Race 

Men Club Athletes Time
1st Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds 612.Alex Carcas 15:26
34 points 633.Elisha de Mello 15:53
(1,5,10,18) 434.Jack Eykelbosch 16:21
395.Oliver Langselius 16:43
2nd Liverpool University 16.Elliot Martier 15:58
62 points 28.Alfie Devine- Wright 16:35
(6,16,17,23) 4.Calum Mitchell 16:42
33.Daniel Cooke 17:13
3rd Durham University 78.John Campbell 16:00
68 points 81.Alex Goodall 16:23
(7,11,22,28) 63.Johnny Alexander 17:06
70.Michael Pitchers 17:29
Females Club Athletes Time
1st Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds 464.Amy Frankland 18:13
285 points 604.Rhiannon Kirk 19:02
(48,71,80,86) 487.Polly Edwards 19:27
386.Rona Tytler 19:39
2nd Leeds University 164.Beth Garland 17:51
305 points 161.Jemima Elgood 18:13
(36,49,105,115) 179.Antonia Fann 20:20
191.Steffi Luker Edwards 20:34
3rd Durham University 35.Kate Brown 19:16
364 points 37.Emily Strathdee 19:45
(76,87,90,111) 36.Emma Bramley 19:49
46.Lucy Marquand 20:30

10k Race:

Men Club Athletes Time
1st Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds 368.Eddie Narbett 32:47
47 points 358.Alistair Masson 33:05
(7,10,14,16) 314.Max Bloor 33:51
300.Rowan Dunn-Capper 34:02
2nd Leeds University 183.Nathan Marsh 32:12
60 points 177.Rian McCawley 33:11
(4,11,22,23) 184.Joe George-body 34:28
175.Joe Walton 34:32
3rd Durham University 74.George Grasfy 32:47
66 points 71.Andrew Milligan 33:05
(6,9,24,27) 61.Jonty de la Harpe 34:34
58.Marco Arcuri 34:46
Females Club Athletes Time
1st Manchester University 238.Anna Mackenzie 39:58
488 points 223.Georgia Baynes 40:41
(104,114,126,144) 235.Becca Whalley 41:40
226.Tamzin Hull 43:22
2nd Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds 275.Emma Gill 38:05
513 points 310.Fay Walsh 41:25
(73,122,147,171) 288.Hannah Havelock-Allan 43:45
268.Alexandra Boloux 45:51
3rd Hunters Bog Trotters 599.Jill Stephen 37:09
580 points 365.Sarah O’Neil 45:18
(64,165,170,181) 271.Catherine Magill 45:49
303.Jess Husbands 47:11

Overall a very good race and a superb effort by Arianne who managed to organise the race along with fellow committee members. We’d also like to thank everyone that helped marshal, time-keep and just make sure that the event ran smoothly! Well done guys and bring on KB 5! 

Spell checked and Grammar Checked by : aLasdair pedley

3 Races, 2 Weeks and 1 Grammatically Immaculate Report


With the run of XC races well under way, it has been good to see our dedicated and high achieving athletes back on the mud once again, which is defo what can be taken away from this weekend. It saw yet again the women being the stars of the show, securing their 3rd National XC Relays win in a row, with Holly Page swapping for Franko who decided Manchester was a better idea… Another cracking achievement ladies!

Anyway I’m gonna apologise for the lateness of this report. But this one is gonna be a bit of a jumble, mixing all of what has happened over the past 2 weeks. Hint, it also includes some falling down hills and action at another University as well as highlights from National Relays. So what’s not to like really?? More reading, more action and more impressive results to read about!? So I’ll start with the most recent and work my way through, obviously if Manchester is ur thing, might want to skip the bit about Nationals…?

National XC Relays

It really did prove at the weekend that Cumbernauld was really the place to be! On a much firmer course than last year, the scene was set for the women to take the National XC Relay champions title once again. Following on from their success at the East District XC Relays the girls went from strength to strength. The team, comprising of Anna Macfadyen, Holly Page, Rebecca Johnson and Steph Pennycook, all had extremely good runs and it was impressive as always to see the kind of lead that these girls can get on the rest of the strong field of runners on the day!! 

Not far behind however was the B team who just like at East Districts also showed an impressive performance, coming 7th overall, showing the calibre of athletes we have in the club! With their team consisting of Constance, Becca , Zoe and Hannah!

We also had a notable appearance from Lydia Blythe who managed (just) to get to Edinburgh on Friday night from her studies in Grenoble. (I highly recommend anyone to have a look at this place! It looks incredible and to say I’m slightly jealous of Lydia is a bit of an understatement! Those views!!) Since being in Grenoble Lydia has managed to start building back up her running and has already had some great performances and she also appeared to have a strong run at the weekend too! Leading off the C team who managed to get their hands on 18th position, which at a national event is very impressive and it’s looking like Scottish University Cross Country will be a good one for the girls this year!!

[Carolyn Cameron]

Onto the Men, which I will actually start off with the two Harie’s which weren’t in Harie’s colours… (that’s right name and shame the lads…) First off on the first leg Max Milarvie, kitted out in his blue colours (V.P. who?), who unfortunately was a victim to the army of spikes at the start and suffered a few wounds which didn’t help his start too well. In his own words he struggled a little bit to get it back together in the rest of his leg, however from an eyewitness (me) Max was flying and established a bit of a lead ahead Cameron Young to bring home his V.P. team a strong position on the leading leg. He’s happy now tho cuz he got his Sugar-free Vimto, keep focused for Leeds next week Max! Smash it! Next of my naming and shaming was Euan Gilham, who swapped his Meadows late-night loops for the 4km Cumbernauld course, who just like Max was flying! And looked very comfortable on his leg and his team also managed to secure a Podium position! Well done Gilham! But Haries vest? [insert cry react]


[David Hedges]

Last but not least the proper Haries lads, comprising of Hounds and non-hounds however it was said on the fields of Cumbernauld that “anyone can be a hound” #inclusivity [love react]. With Elisha not making it out of his bed until the bus arrived at Cumbernauld, could Elisha make it fashionably late or when the party is over?? Unfortunately neither this weekend [cry react]. Meaning we only managed to get out two complete teams and a team of 3 lads. Not letting this faze them however the guys still gave it their all to show what they were made of with Fresher Pat G leading the three out followed by David and Michal. Further up the field both Cameron Young (Cameroni) and Andrew Johnstone (AJ) put in some great performances for the A and B team respectively on the first leg. With AJ not long back from the past year of injuries that has haunted him, he’s now his strength for the rest of the season! (and I’m glad to say he was not in those inverness colours (yuck!)). Next on the legs were Jack Leitch, Rob Huckle and OFK (rated the sunglasses look). Who all also put in solid performances on their respected legs to get the mens A team to 8th Place. Whilst the B team held AJ’s strong first leg to come 18th out of the 123 complete teams on the day, with Fraser Roach, Alex Muir and Alvaro rounding off the team!

Stirling XC

Now not the uni you thought I was on about folk going to, Manchester who?? 

But last week a big group of Haries hit the fields of Stirling University to compete at the first East League race of the season. I am gonna keep this one as brief as possible because I know I’ve wrote a lot already (and procrastinated enough too), not that the performances weren’t really good on the slightly adapted course to last year. 

Alex Carcas managed to have an absolute flyer, cementing the edge he has over fellow hound Jack by getting that crucial 14 second lead on him for them to come 6th and 9th respectively and being the first two haries home on the day! Also having strong runs were Rob Huckle and Alex Muir who both managed to get in the top 20, whilst Fraser Roach managed to keep a lead on AJ for the two North runners to come 22nd and 24th on the Stirling course. 

Whilst in the women’s race our first HOTW fresher came first Harie home in an outstanding 6th place! (must be something in those @fruitsandroutes meals…) And Pippa Hofman not far behind by only 6 seconds to secure herself 8th place! 

FRA Relays 

We took a men’s, women’s and 2 mixed teams down to sunny Ambleside (Hi Beth) to compete at the annual FRA Relays to show them bright green vests up and down the hills of the Lakes, and see a few ex Haries on the way up and down too.

To start, the A team had a stellar performance to come 4th overall off the back of last year’s silver medal, showing that the top guys have still got what it takes to compete at this level of mountain running! With Alexander Chepelin (Sasha) securing the joint 1st home on the first leg with Keswick runner Chris Arthur! The rest of the guys also had very strong runs getting at least a top 10 finish on each leg! 

Elsewhere our Open Team secured 60th place and the Female and Mixed Teams coming 79th and 80th respectively with only 2 seconds splitting it between them on the sprint finish at the end.

Reports were that even though he had completed his run and done a very respectable 41st place on the first leg, David Hedges made his way back into the hills to make the most of his trip down to the lakes, spending a few hours getting that filthy mileage #respect. And if you haven’t seen this boys mileage on strava check it out, he is absolute fire with that mileage!!

And that is me over and out, good luck to all the Haries racing at the Scottish Uni’s this weekend and those that are heading down to Leeds. Apologies if I have missed anyones results on the report, if you have a result you want me to put in the report. Plz drop me a message and I’ll get it in, my strava stalking isn’t on top form at the moment. 

Referee 1 : Alasdair Pedley (retired – Gave up on this hopeless cause) 

Racing at a Castle and on Some Hills

Glamis Castle East District XC Relays 

Mixing it up from last years course at Glamis, this year we had what can only be described as complete contrasting conditions making it a much tougher course than last year. However this did not affect our glorious Haries as they took to the fine Kingdom grass on Saturday. 

We had many strong performances and most notably was the win from our women’s A team, who made a very strong team comprised of Amy Frankland, Holly Page and Steph Pennycook. Where Fresher Holly showed the oldies how it’s done getting the second fastest time of the day but Steph and Amy still putting in very strong performances for the team with Steph securing the 3rd fastest time of the day only 5 seconds behind Holly.

Just missing out on a podium position were our women’s B Team who missed out on 3rd by just 10 seconds. Securing 4th position in the first of the cross country meets. Most notable in the B team was Constance Nankivell who was one of the 5 people who managed to break 15 minutes over the 4k course along with Holly and Steph. Whilst Hannah Morrison and Zoe Pflug rounded off the B team with two good performances as well. 

We had good running from the rest of our girls all the way through to our E team, even a return of our “Harie of the Week” Maddy Austin, who has got that Haries vest back on and back racing through the muddy fields (interview to come soon… I’m already a week behind…) 

Onto the Men’s performances

The Men’s A team went out strong on the First Leg with Cameron Young leading out the Hounds at the start setting a strong pace for the team and bringing the guys in 2nd place to start with the rest to follow. Next to go was Oskar Fraser-Krauss (OFK – I’ve only just learnt this after his impressive Beer Mile post XC) who after a strong track season, brought the bois back in 2nd maintaining Cameron’s strong performance. When after, our real star of the show Alex Carcas did a cracking 12:55 over the 4km course (which got him 6th fastest time of the day!)(apparently putting the rumours to rest that Jack Leitch is now better than him???). Jack Leitch then rounded off the A team cruising through the finish line to an overall time of 53:02. Good work guys (Hounds?)!

Elsewhere in the Men’s field there was some real notable performances, with Captain Gregor Malcolm, after his summer of spending time in the hills (#bigbusinessbigbucks) put in a good effort storming his way through the 4km course in 13:31. With Gregor’s B team getting 8th overall. We also had fresher(?!?!) Pat G(ierjatowicz) (we’ll stick to G…) who swapped his brown vest and for a revived Green Haries vest for our C team along with Alex Bell all the way from the land of IOM who put in a notable performance for his team! Coming out of the depths of EUOC Alasdair Pedley didn’t need a thumb compass or a map for this one, overtaking Ewan Taylor from PH Racing Club on his way around the course, hoping for many more smashing XC performances throughout the year! [we are a proud Mandem Pedley xx]. With Pedley’s C team coming in a respectable 14th Place.

We also had some strong debut runs from Fraser Roach, Paul Frohn and Joe Battershill

Another comeback of the day was Andrew Lawler (ex. GB Hill Runner) who after getting surgery this year is back running! Nice to see you back Lawler, even if you didn’t manage to hold your Beer Mile Title…

To look at the full results from Saturday please go tot he Scottish Athletics website to download the results;

Pentland Skyline

On Sunday it also saw many Haries taking to the local hills to compete in the Pentland Skyline race. The demanding course which saw 8 Haries competing at, covers 16 miles and over 6200 ft of ascent. 

The start

From the live streams I have seen provided by our wonderful live hosts Alex Carcas and Gregor Malcom. Appeared to show a strong EUOC train as they all seemed to push each other through the course with Sasha leading the train of Orienteers, and only just missing out on that podium position! I have attached the Results for the Haries below for you to have a look at. 



4 139 Alexander Chepelin 2:23:28 M Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds
6 314 Tim Morgan 2:30:40 M Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds
7 407 Thomas Wilson 2:30:47 M Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds
8 285 Alistair Masson 2:32:29 M Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds
9 318 Eddie Narbett 2:33:11 M Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds
27 181 Matthew Fellbaum 2:52:06 M Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds
28 406 Felix Wilson 2:53:59 M Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds
47 214 James Haynes 3:02:07 M Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds

Thanks to Carnethy Hill Running Club for Results

Also a little shoutout to Mathew Dailey who despite not wearing Haries colours… Had a good XC race on the Saturday and got a 10k PB on Sunday! #Machine

And thanks to Neil Renton for his Photos at the XC

Hills and Dolla Billz

Whilst many Haries are taking a break, grinding it out on them summer jobs or living that chill life, or the unlucky few revising again for resits (me 😢). There have been some Haries jetting off to perform elsewhere, cuz apparently there are better running locations in the world other than Edinburgh…?!? Shocked? Me too, however, I’m unshocked by how well they have done in their races although it was only Darko repping that glorious Haries Vest #loyal

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The National – Cam’s favourite day of the year

The National cross country championships, or ‘The National’ is the culmination of the cross-country season in Scotland. For many of us in the Haries, it’s a huge goal both individually and as a team. For Max Milarvie it’s “the only race that actually matters”.

The morning of The National, the short shorts had been looked out, leg hair-and in my case, my great big bushy beard-had been shaved and the term ‘fired up’ had been massively overused.

In the U20 women’s race, to quote Ruaridh Mon Williams, “the girls couldn’t have done much better” and Ruaridh was absolutely correct. The three amigos, Anna Macfadyen, Naomi Lang and Laura Stark dominated in one of the most impressive team performances the Haries have probably ever produced.  An assertive run from Anna saw her at the front of the race from the gun. She pulled away from Naomi going up the first real hill on the second lap and after that, a second National title was never in doubt. 

Naomi looked strong throughout and did her best to catch Anna in the closing kilometres. She had what looked like an unassailable lead on Laura Stark. However, it was Laura that rounded the final corner in silver medal position. She must have had to turn herself inside out in the last kilometre to overhaul Naomi as evidenced by her spectacular facial expressions in the final straight. Hopefully they’re all still friends after their race.

Carolyn Cameron was racing in her first cross country race this year and did well to finish 17th in the 7.5k race after a string of 800m races indoors. Fresher Hannah Morrison was next up in 25th followed by two debutants at the Scottish Nationals, Polly Edwards and Lydia Blythe in 26th and 28th. Katie Hall was generously given a Saturday off by Run4it to race in her first Nationals since 2015. She finished 30th. Jennie Glass struggled with illness but huge respect for grinding it out and completing the longest cross country race of the season.

Inspired by the efforts of the U20 women, even Obama himself would fail to get the U20 men any more fired up. You should never overdramatise sport but with our shaven legs smoother than Thomas Otton on a night out; we were geared up for a real battle.

Alex Carcas went after his brother on the charge up the first hill. It was a valiant effort but sadly illness held Alex back from what would surely have been a high up finish. As the race  wore on, Glasgow uni went backwards and The Hounds moved up. Myself, Alex and Max Milarvie all grouped closely together going up the penultimate hill. The three of us finished within 15 seconds of each other in 11th, 12th and 14th places respectively. Gregor Malcolm was a further 10 seconds off Max in his best-ever showing at Nationals, taking the scalps of all Scottish Triathlon Development squad athletes and nipping Connor Maclean, past winner at The National, on the line.

Álvaro Garrido, not too familiar with the Scottish mud had a very strong run in only his second race this academic year, to finish in 27th. Ruaridh Mon Williams, another non-native enjoyed his first Scottish Nationals and immediately afterwards was looking ahead to the road season where he hopes to crack 16mins in the 5k. Daniel Smith was also happy with his run and it was pleasing to see him out of his horrible PH vest. In the end, the boys in green with the cool bandanas took the second spot on the podium behind Glasgow University. We missed out by 6 points but couldn’t have hoped for better, all four of us finishing ahead of their last two counters. Nothing could have been done against their top two counters Sol Sweeney and Tristan Rees who completed a couple’s silver medal double with Laura Stark. To quote Katie Hall, “couple goals”.

Mhairi Maclennan had no need to be nervous before the Senior women’s race. She was undeniably the favourite after what has been a faultless cross country season. Steph Pennycook and Mhairi performed as promised with Steph bravely taking it out over the first lap. Mhairi reined her in over the second lap and from there she didn’t look back with a  furious sprint to the line to take her first National cross country title. Steph stuck to the task extremely well and finished 11 seconds behind Mhairi to claim the silver medal. John Lees must be a happy man!

The senior women’s team repeated the success of Anna, Laura and Naomi; also gracing the top step of the podium with Amy Frankland, in a strong 30th place and Sophie Collins in her very last cross country as captain and as a Harie.

There was an increase from 8 Haries last year in the senior women’s race to 13 this year which was great to see. Everyone seemed to enjoy the drier conditions; everyone embraced the 10k of grind and there was certainly no Amy Bristow-esque moaning this year.

Iona Evans ended her cross-country career as a Harie with an outstanding run; finishing 42 places higher up than last year in 68th. Eliza Cottington cracked the top 100 on her senior debut along with Kirstin Bamford with Ciara Newell just missing out in 108th. We welcomed two new Americans to our ranks; Morgan Blevins who finished in a respectable 55th and Lauren Sallade who finished 127th.

Christine Irvine  improved ten places on last years result, running what would be a decent 10k time on the road. Georgia Freeman Mills also ran well in her second cross country appearance this year. Linette Knudsen’s average weekly mileage of 5 miles didn’t stand her in good stead for this race but she fought bravely with only a few tears, describing the effort as tougher than the Copenhagen half marathon.

In the men’s race, the Haries failed to field a full team which was our only poor performance of the day. Not technically a Harie but a Fifer who goes to Edinburgh University, Logan Rees took 4th on his senior debut after a very dogged run. No medal but at least he got a nice picture of himself running alongside a dog. In the yellow and black, Euan Gilham’s run wasn’t quite as orgasmic as last year but fairly impressive nonetheless. 7th place in his first year as a senior is not to be sniffed at.

Jack Eykelbosch was first of the loyal Haries home in 72nd. Tim Morgan was 157th on his first visit to Callander Park and Ben Murphy 217th on his last cross country outing in those lovely green shorts. Québécois, Guillaume Picard Lalonde also did the Haries proud in his first Scottish National Championship. He was seen later on in the evening with plenty of energy left on the dancefloor of The Crème Cheese.

With several Haries moving on up from the U20 age group and if Logan and Euan can be persuaded, a ninth win in a row for the Central Team should hopefully be less certain at next years race.

The National was an appropriate end to a fantastic cross country season for the Haries. Perfection in the U20 women’s race; all the hype was worth it in the U20 men’s race and even more brilliance and superb swansongs in the women’s race. Perhaps the greatest achievement of the day was an appraisal of the Haries by Katie Cutforth’s Dad:

“a nicer bunch of young people it would be difficult to meet”

Onwards to the roads and the inevitable ice rink that will be KB5.

Forza, Cameroni

British Universities Cross Country Championships 2018

Preamble by Ruaridh Mon Williams:

Wow, what an experience! BUCS 2018 was an exciting, mud-splattering adventure with all the team demonstrating the inclusive (key), supportive spirit of the Haries with strong performances all round and a shot of fun and celebration to finish the night. It was moving to see the depth of talent amongst the team-green vests dotted throughout a stacked women’s race, Haries pushing up towards the front in the men’s A race and distributed in an eye canny (?) stream in the B race. There were screams of excitement as Edinburgh Hares as well as hounds, left right and centre fought off the other universities; battling to prove Edinburgh’s supremacy.

Yep, so the women’s race was pretty good. The matching green ribbons in the hair of the Haries indicating real team spirit. I suggested that all the men shave their legs prior to the race for a similar showing of unity but nobody seemed keen.

Mhairi Maclennan and Steph Pennycook made their presence felt at the pointy end, working well together during the early stages of the race. After her win at the North of

England cross country champs the previous weekend; Mhairi had big aspirations for BUCS. She ran strongly, just dropping off the front pack and finishing as first Scot in 7th. The 6.5k women’s course was slightly longer than Steph’s last outing over the 1k relay at Holyrood but she showed fine form to take 12th. Barring injury and illness, Mhairi and Steph will be an imperious duo at the National Cross in a couple of weeks’ time.

The big pre-BUCS debate on the six hour train journey to Uxbridge was who was going to be the third counter for the women, Naomi Lang or Anna Macfadyen? Both running their first BUCS, they took their (pool) cue from their elders Maclennan and Pennycook. They had a great battle with Anna edging closer to Naomi throughout the race. In the end it came down to just three seconds, with Naomi proving the most powerful up the long drag to the finish.

A Further fresher in the top 50 was Katie Lowery with Laura Stark only 8 seconds back.

Rebecca Johnson and Catriona Graves were well within the top 100, proving the strength in depth of our women’s team.

115th at last year’s race in Sheffield, Amy Frankland sneaked closer to a top 100 placing with 105th. Franko is on a definite upward trajectory and will almost certainly be in peak shape for Falkirk. BUCS debutants, Rhiannon Kirk and Rona Tyler performed admirably and will also be ones to watch in the U20 women’s race at Falkirk. Helen Jones improved on her race at Broxburn with a strong race, finishing 10 seconds behind Rona.

Louise Mccullagh looked like she was enjoying the river jump far too much on lap one whereas Katie Hall’s preferred course feature had to be the only notable hill on an otherwise flat course.

Packing well were the trio of Eliza Cottington, Jennie Glass and Iona Evans. The latter being lucky enough to share a hotel room with Captain Ben for the weekend. All three finished within 5 seconds of each other with Jennie just dipping Iona at the line.

This was only Lydia Blythe’s second appearance over cross country this year and her exponential return to form has been impressive to witness. Rosie Wright also looked comfortable bouncing through the muddy fields of Hillingdon.

Katie Cutforth’s first BUCS experience was filled with fun. Her race might have gone a bit better if she hadn’t paused to pose for photos at every opportunity. Carla Willars had an equally enjoyable run. The bright lights of Uxbridge are fairly close to home for Carla so we had to pleasure of her parents visiting the Haries tent too.


The girls from Kilmarnock, Christine Irvine and Eilidh Macquarrie were close for most of the race but Christine’s experience saw her stretch the eventual gap to 35 seconds. Eilidh enjoyed a BUCS birthday and was spurred around the course by the dulcit tones of myself and Ben Murphy, singing the happy birthday song.

After leaving her spikes on a Scotrail service and being forced to miss out on Broxburn, Rachel Stewart made her return to racing in this first weekend of February. She showed poise negotiating the water jump and it was pleasing to see her dish out a few elbows during her race. Linette Knudsen was less sure about the water jump, hesitating for a few minutes before diving in. She made up for this time loss with an inspired sprint finish.

The men’s A race was our most successful in recent years as Alex Leutchford usefully pointed out. The team finishing 6th out of 54 teams and predictably first out of the Scottish Universities.

Euan Gilham was our first counter in 33rd. A pleasurable weekend on the whole for Euan as he got to share a bed with Callum Symmons. They topped and tailed.

Jack Leitch was giddy with excitement after his race. He was 35th and a mere 4 seconds behind Gigamesh. Jacob Adkin put a restless night behind him to run a fine race, once again taking the scalp of Callum Symmons.

Whilst the men’s B team were warming up around the course, there were rumours circulating that Come Back Cal had pulled out. However, these seeds of doubt sown by Mr Jimmy Dunn didn’t come to fruition. Come Back Cal had finished, in a respectable 48th place nonetheless. I never doubted him for a second but seemingly 20 out of 35 people voting on an Instagram poll did…

Alex Carcas (58th) and Max Millarvie (105th) had self admittedly poor races due to illness but will be sure to bounce back in time for The National XC champs later in the month. Regardless of how well Max ran, he should get some credit for making such a strong A team in his first year at uni. And at least he enjoyed the night out…



The men’s B race features the leftover runners from British Universtities. The dregs at the bottom of your pre-race coffee. The Haries B team had some high-quality dregs and managed to finish 8th out of 116 teams.

Ewan Davidson enjoying a stellar season was resigned to the B race after a blip at Broxburn. An ‘epic sprint duel’ against myself was Ewan’s BUCS highlight. Stride for stride; searching for cracks in each other’s armour; arms flailing; gasping for breath, it was methat made it to the portaloo first. Eddie Narbett was first of the orienteering bunch home; only a handful of seconds behind portaloo pairing, Ewan Davidson and myself. Eddie raced incredibly strongly on his Haries debut to finish 31st.

The 8k race was a tad short for burgeoning ultra-runner Tim Morgan but he had an excellent race taking some big scalps. Andrew Johnstone was one of those big scalps. He was very active at the beginning of the race, mixing in with the big boys at the front. Andrew described the race as a grudge match between the Haries and orienteers. Ali Masson and Gregor Malcolm were less than satisfied with their respective races. At least Gregor looked the part with his funky shorts and the go faster haircut courtesy of Ali himself.

Tam Wilson had a commendable run in a rare cross country appearance. He was followed in by Ruaridh Mon Williams who sacrificed his characteristic ‘banter start’ for a more sensible and successful race. Jack Eykelbosch ran a very steady race, cannily making his way through the field on the second lap in his first race back from injury since April last year. Dan Smith is also recently returned from a debilitating injury. He had a good run but took even better pictures of the event.

Ben Murphy can’t have had much energy left after negotiating the London Underground and leading his troops to Uxbridge Travel Lodge the night before. He used his remaining energy to give a rousing battle cry on the startline which got us all fired up. Ben had a solid run and afterwards forked out £900 for our meal in the evening. Never was he more deserving of those captain’s shorts!


Darko Perovic made a famous comeback all the way from Sweden for this race and once again made the mistake of only bringing Hokas. Fortunately Come Back Cal was on hand to lend him his spikes. Thanks for coming Darko! Nicholas Rooms was another making his cross-country debut for the Haries at BUCS. No doubt given tips by roommate, Ruaridh Mon Williams, Nicholas delivered a substantial sprint-finish at the end of his race.

Not racing but watching from the water-jump, Mook made a welcome return to Haries action, providing some encouraging and motivational words to all the runners from all universities. What a hero.

Speaking of heroes, Thomas Otton recently tore the soleus muscle in both calves so was out of the running for an inevitable A team slot. Nevertheless, he still made the trip to Uxbridge-on his 20th birthday-to selflessly stand in the rain and play a supporting role.

As Ruaridh made clear in his introduction and as the results showed, we make a pretty fantastic team. Thanks for the fun weekend!

Full results from all races:

Link to Dan’s excellent Fickr album:


Edinburgh XC-Inter-district action and a cool new hat

I’m not a big fan of the Inter districts cross country at Holyrood. The pace is always infernal, there’s always a massive crowd to witness my inevitable capitulation and last year I won the Lanterne Rouge award. One thing that is enjoyable is to have Harie friends at all points on the course shouting encouragement and commenting on how my legs share a striking resemblance to those of a giraffe. Thank you to all the Haries who had to stand in the same spot for several hours. You made it bearable.

This year, both the men’s and women’s Scottish Universities teams were jam packed with talent after a tough selection race at the Scottish Universities Championships in November.
In the women’s race, the 11 strong Scottish Universities team was comprised of no less than six runners from Edinburgh University; a demonstration of our dominance in Scottish academia. Katie Lowery was also competing for the North of England team.
After her win the previous week at the Scottish 3k championships, Naomi Lang made the transition from the indoor track to cross country look seamless, as first Harie home in 22nd. Amy Frankland was 26th, a commendable comeback after a long layoff with shin splints. Haries followed Amy in quick succession. Catriona Graves only a few seconds back; Rebecca Johnson in 31st on her debut at this race with Katie Lowery right behind her in 32nd. Scottish Universities champion, Laura Stark ground it out despite suffering from illness over the yuletide period. Sophie Collins was similarly satisfied to make it round given a winter of illness and injury.

The men’s universities team was again a Harie majority. He wasn’t in green but it was nice to see Logan Rees out of a Fife vest as first student home and only bettered by Kristian Jones and Lachlan Oates, two of the strongest cross country runners in Scotland. 
Euan Gillham was as strong as ever over the mud of Holyrood as second counter for the Scottish students and placing in the top 10. Although beaten by two North of England boys, Alex Carcas cemented his status as one to watch at Falkirk, as first Scottish U20. Jacob Adkin put in a powerful performance on the final hill and finished only one second behind Alex. His flatmate Ewan Davidson produced yet another great run on his debut at Holyrood, he finished 44th. Callum Symmons was also in amongst the action. For a bit. He gave up after 1k because he couldn’t be bothered.
Outwith the inter-district races; we had two of our best athletes running in the international races. Steph Pennycook ran a solid second leg in the 1k relay for the Scotland A team and Mhairi Maclennan donned the GB vest for the second time, finishing 21st in an extremely tight senior women’s race.

With Edinburgh City Council cutting funding for this event, this was potentially the last time that we see an international cross country at Holyrood. Although my legs don’t get on well with the course at Holyrood, overall I think it’s one of the best sporting events that Scotland has to offer. Without the excitement and jazzy vibes that the international races provide, the inter-district event would just be a bit bland; the road crossing might not even be closed off to cars-which would admittedly make things a bit more interesting-and Chris Derrick would certainly not be there to give me any more of his clothes.