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Why Join?

If you're keen on running - or any other sport for that matter - training will improve your performance. We are a group of individuals who run, and you can train with us. This will add a community aspect to your training, making it more fun, and making you more likely to stick with it. Then we'll all go out and have a few drinks. Who knows - we might go to a race and win something. Then (a) you're a fitter, better, happier person, (b) you've got some new friends, and (c) you're a winner. Even if you're not that keen, or you have no interest in competition whatever, you'll still be fitter and you'll find a new circle of friends. It's gonna take effort and staying power, but stick with it and you might even enjoy yourself!

Joining the club also gives you material benefits. Weekly there'll be free food and cheap booze at our sponsor pub. If we do go away on social or competitive jaunts the club will pay your race entry fee and will provide subsidised transport - taking all the hassle out of your day. And there'll be plenty of opportunity to get away from Edinburgh with a race most weekends. You'll also get discounted club kit.