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Knackered Haries


We believe it's easier to train with a group than on your own - it's always more fun and often more productive. We have a busy training schedule (see below), with sessions four evenings a week (obviously, nobody is expected to attend all of them). We do our best to make these sessions useful for runners of all abilities. Each session is structured differently, so hopefully at least one will suit you!

Steady runIntervalsCircuitsLonger steady
Dick Vet Corner, 6.10pmDick Vet Corner, 6.10pmPleasance Gym, 4pmDick Vet Corner, 6.10pm
We meet to go for a sociable jog, which can be as gentle (or otherwise) as you like. Often we just do a lap or two of the meadows (one lap is about 2 miles). When the days are long enough, or if everyone is bored of the Meadows, we find some different routes to make things more fun and interesting. Intervals, with our coach James Jarvis (below!), is probably our hardest session, but don't be put of by this - James adapts things to suit each individual, and it's a brilliant way to make progress!our coach They were initiated by ex-Captain Amy and led by Steve Bishop (left in photo). If you do not have CSE membership, you will need to pay £2 to use the facilities. The session is free for CSE members. It's designed to improve our running performance and reduce the risk of injury though strength training. Later on we go to the Pear Tree for our weekly social. Steve Bishop We usually run a little further than on Mondays. This means we usually get away from the meadows and go running in various places around Edinburgh, making sure we don't lose anyone.

On Saturdays there is often a race (brilliant training!) and on Sundays there are often informal longer runs, organised during the week by those who are keen. The forum is the best place to find out about them.

As of January 2007, we are trialing morning runs at 7.15am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, meeting at the usual Meadows corner. They will be steady runs lasting 30-50 minutes, check the training forum for details.

Training Advice

We suggest you keep a "Running diary" to keep a record of your milage, the type of training you do, and so on. This helps to plan what you do from one week to the next logically, and keep track of your progress.

Ben, Rosie and James Jarvis will always be happy to discuss training with you, and will answer any queries you might have as best they can. There are also a lot of experienced runners in the club, just ask around if you're unsure of anything and someone will be happy to advise.

Finally: stick with it - like with most sports, there are times when running can be frustrating; there tend to be phases where you make progress very fast and others where it's a while before hard work starts to pay off!