Ordinary member

Bronagh Wishart

My role is to spread words of wisdom and guidance from past experience of captain and loyal green goddess 😇🍃
Name: Bronagh aka. B or lil’ B
Course: Oral health science Year 4
Fav colour: Green duh
Home town: The city of dreams and buckfast and dreams. Kilmarnock
Claim to fame: I ran in the same event as Mo Farah in 2010
Interesting fact: I’m actually Beyoncé in disguise
Email: bronaghw@hotmail.co.uk


James Dunn

Role description: Make sure everyone plays nicely.
name: HRH James Alexander III Von Luxembourg
preferred name / nick name / alternatives: Jimmy D/Chief
course / year: Sport Science/4th
favourite colour: #0BDA51 (Malachite)
fave drink : Anything, as long as you’re buying!
hometown: It’s a long story…
claim to fame: Pacemake Olympians in the Great Scottish Run.
an interesting fact about yourself: Sometimes as a treat, I run backwards.
E-mail: James.A.Dunn@hotmail.com for business, Luxospice95@XXXrated.com for pleasure 😉