We believe it’s easier to train with a group than on your own – it’s always more fun and often more productive. This page is meant to explain the basic types of session that we do as a club. First of all, we’d like to emphasize that everyone is welcome at any session, no matter your ability.

Training Location

Most training (apart from gym sessions) start from DVC (Dick Vet Corner) at the east corner of the Meadows, by the kids’ playground and opposite the old Dick Vet School (now called Summerhall). See the location on the map below:

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Training Schedule

Each week’s training schedule is sent out in detail in the Captain’s Sunday email, so make sure you’re on the mailing list to keep up to date.

Monday Club Run  @ DVC : Haries Monday Run!

Easy club run in 4 different paced groups led by various members of the committee. A  great chance to explore the city and have a blether!

The groups are as follows-

6:15pm Fast- 10km at 4.30/km, 7.10/mile

6:25pm Medium Fast – 8km at 5.00/km, 8.00/mile

6:35pm Medium Slow – 6km at 5.30/km, 8.50/mile

7:00 pm Jogging group – No strict pace, whatever pace is comfortable for everyone!

Tuesday Intervals 6:15pm @ DVC:

One of the sessions where the hard work is really done. Groups of differing abilities are established to ensure the best training is had by all. Don’t be daunted by the concept of interval training – this is a very chilled group session with the chance to do as much or as little as you want, running with a group of similar pace. It’s a great way to improve!

Wednesday Chilled Run (TBC) and Weights  Time to be confirmed @ St. Leonards: A coached S&C session with the chance to improve mobility, injury resilience and work on those gains.
Thursday Intervals and Jogging Group 6:15pm @ Check email for weekly location

Our trained student coaches will take the reigns on this one, leading another tough session to help improve your speed and endurance. Details will be posted on Facebook beforehand!

7:00pm DVC for the jogging group

The Jogging Group also heads out for a wee jaunt around the city, meeting at the same time and place.

Friday Rest Day! There will usually be a Harie out running somewhere who would be happy for your company! Just post a message on the Facebook group if you want to find someone to run with.
Saturday Race Day! Most Saturdays will be taken up by racing in various locations, and as such there is very rarely a session on (all though again reach out to your fellow Haries to see whats happening)
Sunday No set training There is no official training, but running tradition dictates that Sunday is the best day for a weekly long run. It is also often a popular day for groups to head out to the beautiful Pentland Hills to the south of the city to do some hill running – look out for interested people on the Facebook group.

You can come to as many or as few of the sessions as you like, and if you’re keen to race then come along to as many as you can manage. You will benefit the most by coming regularly, especially with Tuesday’s interval sessions, which sees the difficulty increase as time goes on. We will plan the season’s training around several key races:

  • Scottish Universities Cross Country Championships (start of December)
  • BUCS Cross Country (start of February)
  • Alan Scally Road Relays which double as the Scottish Uni’s Road Relay Championships (start of March)

The Jogging group also welcomes runners, whether you are just taking up running, trying to get fit or looking for a fun and friendly atmosphere. New joggers often find that they like running so much that they come along to race for us as well, and many will be amazed to see just how much their performance can improve.


It’s always a good idea to keep a ‘running diary’, or a simple note of what training you do each week to learn what works best for you, keep track of your progress and make sure you don’t overdo things. It’s nice to be able to see progress, and keep yourself motivated!

On another important note – whilst running can be a hugely positive part of your life, there are times when it can upset the balance and provide more stress than stress-release. Many haries have been through times like this so reach out and seek help and advice!