Jogging Group

Meet at DVC at 7.00pm every Monday and Thursday for gentle miles with great people!

View Larger Map DVC, where we meet for training

Within the EUHH jogging group, we welcome absolutely everyone, no matter what your ability! We want to create a group where no one gets left behind and everyone has a fab time! Whether you are just starting out with running and want some friendly motivation or you run 50 miles a week and want some good chat for some easy miles, jogging has a place for you!
We meet twice a week for a chilled run around Edinburgh, with the main aim of exploring the city whilst having some good chats along the way!
Best way to find out all the info for jogging group is to join the Facebook group at the link here:
Also feel free to shoot Eilish, the jogging secretary a message any time with any questions!  Contact email is

Also, if two sessions a week is not enough, jogscotland at the University of Edinburgh also have jogging sessions at lunchtime, meeting at George Square, King’s Buildings and Little France. For more details visit their website.

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