Here are some answers to questions you are likely to have! If you have any that aren’t answered, please email the Webmaster and we’ll help you out!

What’s with the name “Hare & Hounds”?

The name dates back to the 19th century and the early days of organized cross-country running in the UK. Races would be run in the following way: one person, the “hare”, would run ahead and leave an indistinct trail of marks for all the other runners, the “hounds”, to follow. This form of racing is also known as Paper Chase. However these days virtually all of our races are on marked courses!

Is it just cross country?

Certainly not! Although XC is the competitive focus of the club from October to February, we support all types of running. Club members will be off doing everything from indoor track to road races to multi-day mountain marathons.
There are also the Athletics and Orienteering Clubs with whom we enjoy a close relationship and share some members.
Of course if racing’s not your thing, you are welcome to simply train with us, mainly on roads and paths around Edinburgh.

Do I have to join or can I just turn up?

Please, come along a have a bash. Member or not, you will be welcomed. You only technically have to join if you want to compete for the Club, vote in the AGM or stand for the committee. However, if you feel that you are getting a lot out of our training and socials, then we would obviously appreciate if you joined us as a paid up member!

Do I have to be a student?

No. However, you must be a member of the Sports Union. If you’re not a student, please contact the Secretary who will give you a form. Only University of Edinburgh students can compete for us in BUCS and SSS events though.

Do I need to be a serious runner?

Absolutely not. We want anyone who likes running to join, whether you jog twice a week or have competed internationally (we have more “joggers” than elite athletes!) you are wanted in the Club. There are also some easier runs for those that don’t want to take it too seriously.
Also, there are plenty of stories of people turning up for the first time and discovering they love it.

Do I have to come to all the sessions?

No. Come to as many as you wish and can fit into your diary. If you want to race competitively, we do recommend that you come to as many as possible, especially the harder workouts.

What are the most important races?

In Semester 1 there are the Alan Scally Road Relays (start of November) and SSS Scots Uni Cross Country (start of December). In Semester 2 there is BUCS Cross Country (first Saturday of February) and Dumyat Hill Race (towards the end of the semester). We also host two of our own races; Braids XC in November and KB5 Road Race in March.

What is BUCS?

The British Universities and Colleges Sport organises most of the championships between universities in nearly all sports.

What is SSS?

The Scottish Student Sport is the Scottish version of BUCS.