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“If you have a body you are an athlete”

“We live to eat, not eat to live”

As this year’s 2021/2022 Mental Health and Welfare Officer I will strive to represent you to the fullest way possible offering assistance and advice throughout the year. My emails are always open for a friendly chat virtually or physically to ensure your mental wellbeing is as good as it can be. Also if you have any ideas or something in mind that you wish to promote please let me know.

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Every single one of us in this planet has mental health and it is vitally important we take time to look after our mental health just as much as our physical health. We will all go through moments in our lives where our mental health will dip, however, to recognise that and to help us recover from these moments checking in our friends and family is crucial. Taking part in exercise, helping others, learning new skills are other forms of disconnecting from the rigours of day-to-day life.

If you can try and take a day just for yourself, treat your brain just like a car engine, it always needs time refuel and falter’s when it’s run empty!

Food is Good

Beat are a fantastic charity that help people who are experiencing eating disorders. Unfortunately, some people around us experience pain and suffering from eating disorders in quiet, however through Beat there are many ways to communicate with a specialist team to help people on their road to recovery. Beat are available any day of the year and can be contacted by phone or online. 

Useful Social sites to follow:


Renee Mcgregor is a sports dietician who specialises in athlete health and performance. Renee has given Haries very valuable lessons on maximising your own welfare in relation to food and training.  Often highlighting the dangers of overtraining and overreaching, as well as sharing awareness of warning signs that could lead to illness or injury.

Check out her page here:

@Kyniska Advocacy

Advocating for policies and education for female athletes to protect people’s rights in association to athlete and coach welfare. This is fronted by GB cross international and former Hare and Hounds athlete Mhairi MacLennan who works alongside Kate Seary a Welsh National Steeplechase holder.


Joanna Konstantopoulou a Health Professional shares how important it is to prioritise your self care as well as sharing motivating and inspiring graphics on supporting others through difficult times. 


Samh is Scotland’s national Mental Health charity helping and training people since 1923. Samh support people in everything from mental health recovery, peer support, employability, homelessness, and addictions to suicide prevention. 

Samh are easily contactable through the number 0141 530 1000

Let’s Talk

A simple but powerful message highlighting the Importance of checking in on friends. This video created by the Edinburgh University Media team featuring two students from our men’s rugby team brings this to light. We at the Edinburgh University Hare and Hounds have almost 200 members, you are never far away from anyone of us for some support and advice. #Letstalk