Club Kit

The Haries produce a fine range of kit for our members, made to order, for very reasonable prices.

The provision of our 2022/23 kit, including jumpers, running shorts and vests, is organised by our Kit Sec Ines. Get in touch with her to find out what we have in stock.

A short ode to the importance of the colour green:

If you haven’t noticed by now from the colour scheme of this website and our committee’s favourite colours (more about them here), our club’s colour is GREEN. It features in all our kit, flags and chants, and identifies us as the mighty Haries to other clubs. Green is simply the best colour there is, and we highly encourage our members to wear as much of it as possible – both in day-to-day life and at races. We wouldn’t want you being confused for a Manchester Alehouse (Orange), Leeds Doss (Yellow), or Glasgow (Black and Gold) student now, would we?



PlayerLayer are the official provider of sports kit for Edinburgh Uni sports teams. They produce club branded training and leisurewear, including vests, tracksuits, hoodies and other apparel. All their items can be ordered through their online store. We recommend ordering a midlayer as they’ll keep you warm at races and make us look good together as a team. It also lets non-runners know you’re better than them if you wear it around campus. There is a delivery charge for orders under £100, so you should try and find someone to pair up orders with if you’d like to avoid this (it’s unfortunately out of our hands). It does mean you’ll get your kit delivered directly to your door though!

Please note: the shorts currently listed on the website are not running specific, and are longer, more generic workout shorts. Proper, shorter, running shorts will be available soon, we hope!


We currently have a large stock of racing vests, made by PlayerLayer, on order. They are due to arrive in September 2017, in time for the new academic year. Prices are TBC, but we expect them to cost between £20-£30. From September 2017, only these new PlayerLayer vests will be allowed at races. You can still wear the old-style Ronhill vests to training, though we won’t be ordering any new stock of these.


Our Club Ties will add a touch of class to any outfit you pair them with

Even at Uni, you will sometimes have to wear a tie (yes, ladies too, there’s always the school disco!). We regret that it’s really time to do away with the old school tie, or any others you might possess, because we have something MUCH BETTER: incredibly fancy ties with our club’s crest on. To see how good they look or to order one, send the Kit secretary an email.
We dress up for some of our best socials, so you’re guaranteed chances to show off to the rest of us!

Anything Else?

If you need running shoes or other running kit, we recommend you take a wander (or a run) over to our race sponsor, Run and Become, on Queensferry Street, near the West end of Princes Street. They’ve got a cracking selection and will help you choose what you want or need. Your Haries membership will also get you a discount!