East District XC League: Broxburn

The new semester was started in frosty style as the Hare and Hounds traveled to Broxburn to compete in the East District XC League on Saturday 14th January. This race is notorious for its often snow-covered terrain and tenancy to topple even the most experienced runners. The turnout was excellent as many Haries pinned on their homemade numbers – although some seemed confused as to what shade of vest to wear underneath. Pretty sure our colour was green? Regardless of club affliction, the Haries delivered some great winter running. For full results, click here.

In the women’s race, the Hare and Hounds finished 5th place overall thanks to an excellent performance from Sophie Collins, who came 12th in a time of 22:18. She has proven, time and again, to be a reliable competitor – Saturday’s race being no exception. Not far behind her was Captain Amy Frankland, finishing in 23:43. Rosie Wright rounded out the top three Haries in under twenty five minutes, securing their 5th place overall positon.

More great performances came from Christine Irvine, who finished in 26:02, and fresher Ciara Newell, who ran in a time of 26:54 and continues to prove herself as a wonderful new asset to the club.

Sophie Collins takes on the icy terrain

The men were not to be outdone in their race, coming in a fantastic 1st place in the team rankings. This ranking was ensured by Callum Symmons (28:04), Colin Campbell (28:06) and Jacob Adkin (28:33), who came just outside the top ten yet still ran the club into the top position. A great demonstration of team work.

Adding another great time to the Haries results was James Taylor, who finished in 14th place. In a time of 30:05, Ewan Davidson took the frosty path in his stride, coming in just after Paul Kerr, who finished in 29:14 – both brilliant times. After swapping the bike for the undulating terrain, newbie to the Haries Nicholas Allen finished in a time of 30:27, with Captain Alex Luetchford not far behind, completing the course in 30:46.

The excellent team results were not aided by the likes of Logan Rees, Mike Christoforou, and Scott Stirling, who came 1st, 2nd and 5th respectively. They along with Ben Murphy did their home clubs proud and we hope to see them back in green soon.


We hope you had a great new year and are excited to get back into the racing spirit. After the success of last semester, we have no doubt that the Hare and Hounds will continue to dominate the fields and roads well into the summer.

Stay groovy.

Alice xo


Photo Credit: Neil Renton and Iona Evans