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British Fell Relays 2017

Parting from the safe confines of George Square on the same morning, a Haries Division instead turned southbound away from the smooth grass of Glamis and towards the knee-deep bog and ankle breaking terrain of Wales and Snowdonia.

Tackling the British Fell Relays Championships last year with one men’s team after a prolonged absence from the event, this year saw the club send three teams (two men’s and one women’s) to this exciting race.

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Handicaps part 3

Here are the final set of results for this year’s Handicaps. The overall title of Club Champion (calculated by the lowest score from your best two performances) went to German Moshes – congratulations! Well done to everyone else who ran as well, we hope it was a fun and interesting race series to take part in.

Position Name Time
1 Natacha 21:45
2 Mike 21:55
3 German 22:18
4 VJ 22:34
5 Victoria 22:36
6 Lyle 22:42
7 Bryson 22:47
8 Sarah 22:54
9 Beth 23:00
10 Pat 23:04
11 Christine Irvine 23:15
12 Mark 23:18
13 Richard 23:19
14 Jimmy D 23:19
15 John Creamer 23:21
16 Iona 23:58
17 Charlotte Watson 25:10
18 Jimmy T 25:25

Harie Handicaps pt.2

The results of the second installment of our Harie Handicap series are below. Note the sprint photo finish between Patryk and VJ – anyone can win these races, so get involved. Thank you to everyone who raced, and don’t forget to come along next week to see who wins (maybe it could be you?) the overall title of Haries Club Champion 2014-15!

Position Name Handicap Finishing Time Actual Time
1 Fraser 08:45 26:09:00 17:24
2 Christine 03:00 26:17:00 23:17
3 Luetch 08:40 26:36:00 17:56
4 German 08:30 26:38:00 18:08
5 VJ 08:00 26:41:00 18:41
5 Pat 10:15 26:41:00 16:26
6 Marcus 05:50 26:46:00 20:56:00
7 Mike 06:25 27:10:00 20:45:00
8 Mark 09:50 27:37:00 17:47
9 James D 10:15 27:56:00 17:41
10 Rachel 00:00 34:15:00 34:15:00

AGM and Round-up of the Year

The results of the committee elections at our AGM are as follows:

  • Men’s Captain: Matty Rallison
  • Ladies’ Captain: Bronagh Wishart
  • Secretary: Jimmy Bryson
  • Treasurer: Hazel Murray
  • Publicity & Sponsorship Officer: Sarah Henderson
  • Race Organiser: Sarah Douglas
  • Social Secretary: Eliza Thornberry (nee Cottington)
  • Kit & Alumni Secretary: Iona Evans
  • Webmaster: Fraser Drummond
  • Jogging Secretary: Rachel Stewart
  • Ordinary Members: Jack Lusco & Scotty Stirling

Congratulations to all elected, and commiserations to all who missed out on a place. It was heartening to see how much the Haries means to its members – there can’t be many clubs or societies that get 6 candidates for one position!

Courtesy of of our great Publicity Officer, Jimmy F. Dunn, we have a lovely video rounding up the many highlights of this academic year. Watch it below, and shed a wee tear of joy:

But fear not, for the year is far from over. We still have plenty of road and hill races coming up, as well as the small matter of Harie Holiday, not to mention ISLE OF MAN!

Carnethy 5-O

(This week’s race report includes a soundtrack, all for the sake of a terrible pun. I hope you enjoy it)

carnethy 2015 team Valentines Day 2015 saw a small group of Haries take on something a bit more challenging than the usual cross country. We went out to the Pentlands to take part in one of the first proper hill races of the season, Carnethy 5 – so named because its course goes over 5 peaks, rather than the common misconception of 5 miles. Hill running can be brutally tough, and entering meant risking the well-being of our limbs and romantic evening plans. It was definitely worth it however! Continue reading Carnethy 5-O

Amy B: Queen of Parkrunning

I’ll start with this breaking news from Cramond on Saturday:

Despite a history of rocky relationships with early morning park runs, Amy Bristow made it third time lucky as she completed the 5k course without throwing up in 23:19, knocking 53 seconds off her previous PB, despite the treacherously icy conditions.

An enormous congratulations is due to our Social Sec. The weather was certainly less than ideal at this week’s parkrun, with large ice puddles and frosty tarmac. Many legs quickly tired from trying to stay upright, but despite this, every Harie performed admirably and placed highly.
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