Round The Houses 2017: Men’s Overall Team Take Gold

For full results, click here. Photography credit: Cameron Young

*Disclaimer: The results linked above published two different times, ‘Chip Result’ and ‘Finish Result’. I have based this report on the latter.

Even for the most dedicated road runners, Grangemouth has never been well-regarded for its scenery, especially when the race taking place there is a 10k plod under the grey, chimney-dotted skyline. Yet this has never deterred the Hare and Hounds, who turned out in great numbers to flash a bit of green in the spring sunshine.

The mixed race kicked off at 10:30am with hundreds of runners, both serious and amateur, hitting the tarmac in their best trainers (the likes of which can be purchased from Run and Become at great prices). The course takes in some lovely car parks and picturesque suburbs before culminating, rather excitingly, in Grangemouth Athletics Stadium. The adrenaline produced by changing from road to track never fails to produce fantastic sprint finishes (Linette, looking at you), and the excitement from the spectators makes this a race that is hard to miss. But I managed.


Euan Gillham  was on prime form, placing 2nd overall in 31:04, adding this result to his excellent record from throughout the season. Not far behind him was Logan Rees, proving why he was nominated for the ‘Runner’s Runner Award’ at this year’s AGM, with a time of 31:15. *Just a reminder that this was a 10k.* In 31:47, Scott Stirling crossed the line in 7th place overall and Craig Cambell rounded out the top four Haries in a time of 33:28 in his last ever race for the club. He will be missed. The men’s efforts earned them the Team Gold in a repeat of last year’s achievements. Both our Men and Women’s Teams also came first in the University category, yet another example of green domination.

Louise Mercer placed 4th Woman overall in an excellent time of 36:14 and Cameron Young was 3rd U20 with his time of 34:52, and still had energy to take some cracking snaps #candid. It is worth noting Captain Amy Frankland’s brilliant PB of 38:49 (or 38:39, depending on which results you consider accurate). Fantastic effort from everyone! Here is a summary of the rest of the results:


Some excellent Harie-freshers performances came from Jennie Glass, who crossed the line in 43:37, and Katie Cutforth, who completed the race in 55:26. Our newly elected Jogging Secretary, Eilidh MacQuarrie, put in a great time of 51:42 and Linette Knudsen finished the course in 53:38 and felt at home on the flat terrain, as Copenhagen and Grangemouth are very similar regarding their absence of hills. This is where the comparisons end. Maybe one day Falkirk will rejoin the EU. Not far behind was Rachel Stewart, who ran a time of 54:40 and still had energy to look pose for my favourite photo of the day.


There were also some great performances from familiar faces, even if they were wearing slightly unfamiliar vests. Matthew Rallison and James Bryson both graced the grey streets to finish in great times, and Matt was 16th overall, not far behind Craig.

It was fantastic to see the Hare and Hounds maintain their reputation and produce such an amazing turn out. I am reliably informed that there is currently a post-race potluck taking place, which I will think about longingly as I write essays and articles long into the twilight.

Stay groovy xo