Hills, Wheels, and 5k Thrills

This week had lots of racing action so I thought I’d write a quick report highlighting the amazing achievements of all our members.

First up, Dumyat Hill Race. This took place on the beautifully sunny evening of the 3rd of May, with barely a cloud in the sky and only a very light breeze – ideal conditions for what is many people’s favourite (or at least, only) hill race of the year. A minibus and a car’s worth of Haries attended this race, which also doubles as the Scottish Student Sport Hill Running Champs. So, with the promise of some good views and maybe even a few medals, we set off up the 390m hill at 7pm sharp (perhaps too sharply for Sasha Chepelin, who’s pre-race toilet trip was very close for comfort).

The race was very enjoyable, as it was mostly very dry and runnable underfoot, with no very extreme inclines. It was also made a bit easier with honourary Harie Connor Launder cheering us on up the hill. (Captain Franko was also supposed to be doing this, but got herself a bit lost) On to the results:

Sasha-dumyatSasha continued his amazing year of running and proved he really is Man Of The Year with a neat second place overall, as well as coming first student. His time of 33:45 was well over a minute ahead of 3rd place! Next Harie was Mark Purkis in 14th, followed shortly by myself (Luetch) in 15th and Frazzy D in 16th. It was a close run between the 3 of us, with all  of us pulling ahead and catching up to each other at multiple times throughout the race. There were sadly no team prizes on offer this year, but the four of us would have certainly come first if there were!

Ewan McMillan was the next Harie, who, after a very fast start, finished in 30th place. Jack Lusko and Aussie Brendan were the next Haries to finish, in 74th and 84th place respectively. (Perhaps the biggest challenge of the day faced by Brendan was not the hill race, but the hour long rant he endured on the journey home he endured when he innocently asked for a “brief” summary of British politics. An impossible task.)

Our ladies also ran well; Jennie G was first woman Harie to finish, and was 6th overall. She was closely followed by Fay Walsh, who was 7th woman. They were also 2nd and 3rd student respectively. Well done! Gen and Rosie then followed, both finishing in under 50 minutes. Jess Husbands came in at 54:47, a full 6 and 1/2 minutes faster than her 2016 time – showing her training for her marathon is paying off (although I’m not sure how recommended hill races are in marathon training plans…). Jogging Queen Emily finished under the hour mark in 58:20, and Ines brought up the rear in 1:01:02. Finally, well done to Georgia Tindley (Trotter/Ex-Haries Captain) for coming first woman!

Then, on Friday, a large portion of the club attended the Scottish 5k Champs down at Cramond. Many of us where used to the course from the many parkruns held here, but the fact that this event is a national championship meant the standard and pace of the race was quite a bit faster than usual. This meant that despite some appallingly strong wind, the results were full of PBs galore. (apologies if I don’t mention everyone who PB’d – I’m just going by what I know/what strava/power of 10 stalking tells me).

The headline from this race is that our women’s team, comprised of Mhairi (6th/17:20), Franko (17th/17:54/PB!), and Catriona (19th/18:01) won gold overall! An amazing result to round off a great year of results from our women – it’s worth remembering that in XC they have been 1st Scottish Uni, 3rd British Uni, 2nd Scottish team, and 1st Scottish relay team!

Mike Christoforu (running for EAC) was 6th overall, quickly followed by Logan (running for Fife), both running a mind-bogglingly fast 14:48. Euan Gillham (running for Kilbarchan) was 13th in 15:02. Logan and Euan also gained U20 medals, winning gold and bronze respectively – well done to them, now please dye your vests green or something.

The first TRUE harie to finish was Young Cameron in 16 minutes dead, coming 44th overall. After that a wave of Haries swiftly followed – Gregor getting 16:06 (PB?), Alex Muir getting 16:07, and James Taylor getting 16:13. Next up was Luke McCrave in 16:26, followed by 16:43 from myself (taking 35s off my PB in the process). Fraser and Brendan crossed the line very close together, running 17:30 and 17:32. Benjy came next – he says he was disappointed by his 18:08 run, but tbh I think he was still hurt by all the nasty things the 13 year old NEDs said to him on the bus.

Eve MacKinnon was 4th Harie women in18:22 –  a mere 3 seconds off her PB. Ben Williamson managed to get a 10s PB, in 18:37 . Lydia also PB’d, running 19:23. Jennie Glass (wow there’s a lot of Haries’ results to report on…) ran well, getting 19:42, and Gen (who’s also training for a marathon, and impressively ran both Dumyat and the 5k Champs!) ran 20:35. Jemma Hoolahan and Christine crossed the line in quick succession, both nipping in just under 22 minutes. The next Haries to finish were Fiona (22:09), Lise (22:16), and Megan (23:34).

Amy B was next in 24:19 – I’m sure she ran fast, because she shed about a third of her body weight in tears at the emotional trauma of running her last ever race as a Harie, after 4 years of commitment to the green vest. Completing the club’s jogging section’s impressive turn out was Carla (24:29), Katie C (24:31/MEDAL WINNER!!!!1!!1), Rachey Stew (26:11), and Eilidh (26:35). Well done to everyone who ran, and thank you as well to everyone who cycled down to support and cheer us on! It was an excellent way to spend a Friday night.

Over and out on the last race report I’ll ever write for the Haries. I still have one more race left in the green vest and shorts combo (Goatfell Hill Race in a few weeks), but my time as a Harie is basically done. Thanks to everyone for making my year as Men’s Captain so fun. It’s been a wonderful 4 years.

Luetch xo