Yoga 101

by Mhairi Maclennan

Floating to the surface of consciousness, battling with the urge to fall back into a sweet slumber for another 30 minutes, but knowing you have to summon the strength to peel back the covers and get ready for… oh… wait, nothing.

Perhaps you are working from home, possibly you are one of the country’s treasured and vital front-line workers, but just as likely, you find yourself at a loss with what to do for the next 3, possibly more weeks ahead, of uncertainty. Regardless of what your new role is during this world pandemic, the following might help lighten your load, literal or metaphorical.

It’s very easy to flounder with a lack of routine, especially when there’s an overwhelming sentiment that the world around you is crumbling. Many of us foster our identity and sense of self from the things we do each day; our job, our hobbies, our friends; with these elements of our daily routine removed it’s perceivable that we might feel a little lost.

However, this is an opportunity. Let us not dwell negatively on the things that have been taken away, but to appreciate the opportunity to learn new skills and take a step back to appreciate the things once taken for granted. Devise a new routine for the time being, follow government guidelines and marvel at the endless prospects now available to you.

Never been one for yoga? Always thought you weren’t flexible enough or that you couldn’t concentrate? Well, now is the time to use it to try and vary the “workouts from home” videos that are crowding your Instagram feed.

Put on some music, nothing too loud, something that makes you feel calm or positive; perhaps some Jack Johnson, or Juke Ross, just to fill the void. Get a space that you are able to move around in freely, and get read to limber up. Starting is a daunting prospect, try watching Youtube videos for some basic yoga positions (I can recommend Yoga with Adriene). Don’t set yourself a time limit or expected duration, just do it for as long or short a time that makes you feel good; stretch away that anxiety in child’s pose, feel the stress dissipate with downward dog.

Don’t feel the pressure to try and connect to some higher spiritual field, or even feel expected to hum and Namaste at the end; yoga is yours, do with it as you please.